With its mega bonus, Boursorama offers the biggest bonus in its history

For the launch of its new site, Boursorama Banque accompanies any first account opening with an extreme bonus. 150 euros are paid in cash, without any blocking condition.

Boursorama Banque is an establishment that needs no introduction. France’s leading online bank can also congratulate itself on being the cheapest bank in France (according to our colleagues from Le Monde and Meilleurbanque). She also won the trophy for best digital bank in Europe and the first place on the Customer Relations Podium.

With all these superlatives, it can attack the French market in a serene way. With more than 4 million customers, it is a stone’s throw from the large traditional network banks. Its first runner-up among online banks is Hello bank!, which has to make do with 700,000 customers in France.

To establish its position, it resorted for a few days to a Pink Weekend. From October 20 to Monday October 24, it offers 150 euros in cash to all its new customers. You open an account, you activate it and you choose a free card and the bonus is yours.

Open a Boursorama account

This is the first time in its history that Boursorama Banque has been so generous and flexible with its welcome bonus. You will first receive 70 euros when you open your account and activate it. This involves making a first payment on the account so that the online bank can certify your identity.

Then, you will receive a second bonus of 80 euros when you choose your bank card. Don’t panic, this step is free and is a simple formality. There is the Ultim bank card which is the most popular (and which represents almost all openings). Otherwise, you can choose the Welcome card, which is also free but more restricted. Finally, the Metal card is chargeable (9.90 euros per month). The bonus is not 80 euros in cash but it takes the form of the first 8 monthly payments offered.

The Ultim card is the most popular

At Boursorama Banque, almost all customers go for the Ultim card. This formula is accessible without condition of income, without obligation to domicile funds and without commitment. This allows you to test the service gradually and understand how it works.

In principle, opening an account and managing it is almost as easy as opening an account with Revolut, N26 or Lydia. In a few clicks from a mobile or a computer, you will have opened your account.

Once you have your account, Boursorama Banque asks you to choose between one of its three formulas. We will recommend the Ultim card which is the most popular of all. On the insurance and guarantees part, it is strictly similar to a Visa Premier. The online bank, however, wanted to call it differently to have its own charter.

Open a Boursorama account

This bank card offers maximum flexibility: high limits, authorized overdraft, immediate or deferred debit, etc. All payments are free and unlimited worldwide. With regard to withdrawals, they are free and unlimited throughout Europe. Outside the euro zone, you will have to pay a commission beyond the 3rd monthly banknote withdrawal. That said, the Ultim card is still extremely competitive – and moreover much more interesting than the neo-banks N26 and Revolut.

In addition to the current account and the bank card, Boursorama Banque also gives you access to all the banking products of a traditional bank: savings account, securities account, life insurance, loans or even insurance. A new website has just been launched for this Pink Weekend operation and the result is very successful. You can see it for yourself.

Boursorama releases its best premium

Since its launch a few years ago, it is quite simply the best bonus that Boursorama Banque offers you between October 20 and 24, 2022. You can make a big splash by taking advantage of this bonus easily. Remember that the previous Pink Weekend was certainly the same amount but it required you to use the EasyMove service. In other words, it was necessary to transfer direct debits or transfers to him. Otherwise, in the past, the amounts were much lower.

This time, you can therefore take it easy – while taking advantage of the big bonus at Boursorama Banque. Online banking is even more interesting in the long term since its service is free. In France, it costs an average of 215 euros in bank charges per year for a bank account. It is therefore a saving of the same amount that you can achieve each year by choosing this establishment.

In terms of appreciation, Boursorama Banque is far ahead of all the other banks. In this case, online banking is recommended by 90% of its customers. The ratings on the App Store and the Play Store are clear: 4.9/5 for 178,000 ratings on the Apple site, and 4.5/5 for 92,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. The satisfaction rate is extreme at all levels, and it is not a surprise. Each customer is able to manage their service independently, without the need to constantly contact a contact person.

Admittedly, the online bank does not have a physical agency to welcome you, but its customer support is top-of-the-range. You can contact him by email, phone or via social networks and get an almost instant response. The bank knows that it is expected on this point and it is therefore obliged to redouble its efforts in order not to lose out in the comparison with traditional banks.

To open a free account, it’s here:

Open a Boursorama account

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