“Asterix raises the question of universal laughter”, says Ambre Chalumeau

“It’s a pride to go into prime time but I try not to get my head too high. With a chronicle, if you’re not happy with yourself, the next day, you put your money back on the poker table and start over. There, it’s four months of work that will be sanctioned by an audience, over an evening, so it’s exciting but scary, it’s both an honor and a stress. “The varied and contrasting emotions jostle at Ambre Chalumeau as the broadcast, this Tuesday on TMC, at 9:15 p.m., approaches of the documentary An evening with Asterix and Obelix.

For the 25-year-old journalist, who writes her cultural column in Daily since 2020, being exposed in the first part of the evening is not an easy task. It was she who proposed this long format to Laurent Bon, the producer of Yann Barthès’ show. “We were waiting for the subject that we could explore for 1h30 without it being boring and with seriousness. The release of Guillaume Canet’s film [Astérix et Obélix : L’Empire du Milieu] was the opportunity that made the thief. The teams offered to open the doors to us for the last month of post-production,” she explains to 20 minutes.

“I suffered from the snobbery of some”

Until then, for her, the Gallic hero created by Goscinny and Uderzo came from childhood memories. But, by looking into the subject, she discovered that there were plenty of things to say about it. “It allows you to tackle a lot of themes: society, politics, marketing, feminism (the place of women in the hero’s adventures), cinema, our own values, French, the fact that he exports, so the question of universal laughter, ”she lists. The result, which combines unpublished interviews with members of the film crew, testimonies from the daughters of Goscinny and Uderzo and archive footage, is playful, full of information and food for thought.

“We don’t necessarily all agree on whether a work is good or bad, but we can all agree on the fact that a work is important. Following the story of a project like Asterix can interest a lot of people,” emphasizes Ambre Chalumeau.

The twenty-year-old ensures that she attaches great importance to her profession “above all not to be a snob”. “Myself, when I started to watch lots of films, to listen to lots of music, I suffered from the snobbery of some who refused entry to their club,” she confides. And to insist with humility: “I am not an expert, I have not studied cinema or literature, apart from a literary preparation, so I would be in no position to talk about culture to spectators in my placing on a pedestal. I myself discover artists, information about them, the same day I do my research for a column. »

“The insufferable little nerd”

If it is well identified by the faithful of Daily, Ambre Chalumeau cultivates a certain discretion. Result, when one goes in search of biographical elements about him, the harvest is poor. We know that she is the daughter of journalist, novelist and screenwriter Laurent Chalumeau, and Arielle Saracco, who, last May, left her position as head of the Original Creation of Canal +, a position she held. seventeen years. “Both my parents were immersed in the media world. I grew up with the imagination of the newsroom, filming, TV management…”, relates Ambre Chalumeau to 20 minutes.

As a child, she was sort of “Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter, the insufferable little nerd,” she laughs. “I was more of a nerd. The college years were the full solitude. In high school, I started to blossom more because I met people who shared my interests. When considering her career direction, she didn’t necessarily envision a career in journalism. “If someone had asked me what my wish was, I would have said: ‘To be able to talk about what excites me, culture, with a tone that resembles me, in a space that has a certain visibility.’ ” Which corresponds to what she is currently doing in Daily with his chronicle, BACfor “Cultural Affairs Brigade”.

She assures him, “television was not a dream” for her. Moreover, after graduating from Celsa, a Parisian journalism school, she cut her teeth in the written press, Society. It was there that she met Marc Beaugé who, after a year, asked her if she would be ready to meet the teams of Dailyso looking for new faces.

“I have to show that I deserve my place”

“A lot of people think I got the job on TMC because of my parents. But not at all. When I told them that I was going to be on the air, their first reaction was concern: they know this environment and were thinking about the implications of the public exhibition. They left me to fend for myself and, today, I believe that they are proud, happy with what I am experiencing”, specifies Ambre Chalumeau. The suspicion of the piston and the insinuations about her status as “daughter of” horrify her. She tries not to give it too much importance in order to protect her sanity.

“I would be ungrateful to complain about my parents. At the same time, it would be dishonest to say that it didn’t help me to come from a background in which I could comfortably go on the whim of saying that I wanted to do “passion studies” and then take the time to be a freelancer Society, she continues. My parents provided me with a huge cultural baggage, contacts when looking for internships… I have a little impostor complex linked to this filiation that some people throw at me more or less elegantly. This pushes me to tell myself that I have to show that I deserve my place. The documentary broadcast this Tuesday is an opportunity to prove it.

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