Fifth. The Grand National du Trot in Mauquenchy this Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

The Grand National du Trot in Mauquenchy this Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

Direction Mauquenchy this Tuesday, November 23, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Grand National du Trot will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2850 meters, and endowed with 90,000€.

In this event, Fragonard Délo (1) is very consistent and still ran very well, in the stage of Nantes, where he finished not very far from Goéland d’Haufor. It has no margin at this level and has to be content with places, but it does all its shopping. He remained at his best and is still well engaged in the first rung. He will confirm and finish in the right combination, says Franck Leblanc.

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Adrian Pereira: Flower By Magalou (2) is going through a good period at the moment. It has a good race uphill, on December 8 at Vincennes. So if she’s not in on it, it won’t be the end of the world. However, it will make its value, with the help of a hidden course. As there is opposition, you have to see it for a small place.

Hughes Levesque: Gamay de l’Iton (3) ran a little halfheartedly this summer, without being jostled, because we were waiting for winter. He ran very well last time, being good second. He is in good spirits. Sounds like an interesting commitment. In the GNT, these are often very hard races. As a result, it will not be conducted too offensively. At the end of a good run, he has his say.

Christian Bigeon: Goéland d’Haufor (4) had to trot outside the host for a long time and was not unworthy in Nantes. He was only beaten in the sprint. He had only had two warm-up races before this outing and was not as sharp as he will be on Wednesday. Lately, I’ve felt it best to leave it on the pink sand. On top and well under way, it should take an active part at the finish.

Charley Mottier: Divine Monceau (5) had achieved an excellent performance in Caen. His last outing allowed him to arrive at his best for this objective. It is ideally engaged and enjoys the holding courses. There is opposition, especially at the first level, but after a good run of the race, it can be placed.

Sylvain Roger: Edy du Pommereux (6) is good. The last time, there was a collision in the last turn, but we managed to get out of it, and he made a nice straight line. He’s really doing great right now. He is better coming from behind, which carries risks. He should perform well.

Jean-Michel Baudouin: Falco d’Havaroche (7) ran very well during his first two outings of the meeting. For some time now, I have had this stage of the GNT in mind. He will play his card thoroughly. In addition, this will allow him to qualify for the final. He is doing a bit of racing at the moment, but he seems to have remained very well. He adores Grosbois as well. He is ready to continue his momentum.

Dominik Locqueneux: Dona Viva (8) is doing very well in training. I waited for this ideal commitment in mind. Mauquenchy is a track that has already succeeded. We face opposition, of course, but I think he is capable of doing very well.

Frank Harel: Eire d’Hélios (9) was a little too soft and couldn’t keep pace at the end in Nantes. Since then, I’ve woken her up a bit. She is better but not yet at the top. She will keep her irons. Under these conditions, his chances are very limited. This race will do her good before going to the final, in which she can place herself.

Stephane Meunier: Django du Bocage (10) needs time between runs. Also, I voluntarily skipped Nantes in order to keep it for this stage. Goéland d’Haufor and Falco d’Havaroche are to be feared first and foremost, but my horse has his place on the podium. He won the last edition of this event. He fully reassured in Feurs last month. He has my trust.

Nicolas Bazire: Freyja du Pont (11) ran “cleanly” in Nantes, nothing more. She had been arrested after her attempt under saddle and was visibly out of condition. This outing was profitable for her and she will run in progress. Despite the presence of good horses in the first rung, it can, this time, grab fifth or even fourth place.

Julien Le Mer: Fric du Chêne (12) made a decent comeback in Laval after several months off, following a leg problem. He still needs to run to find his good level. I hope that this outing will allow him to arrive at his best for his first objective, the Prix Jean Boillereau, on December 8th. On Wednesday, he will remain on the rails and his task promises to be complicated.

Matthew Abrivard: Duel du Gers (13) has been very cold recently, in the Prix du Languedoc. I had to ask him constantly but he came back well to finish. He has returned to form as evidenced by his latest performances. I’m probably going to put blinkers on him to make him more motivated. He must return twenty-five meters to good horses, but he is still going to finish and must grab a place.

Gilles Curens: Gladys des Plaines (14) was zero for her comeback but I plead guilty. For fear that she would make mistakes with her apprentice, I had “trapped” her too much. She was too reined, with plugged ears and too hard a bit. In the end, she never moved forward. I hope she will run in progress on Wednesday, but she is not performing well in this specialty and has to cover fifty meters.

Julien Le Mer: Fado du Chêne (15) had to be stopped following a leg problem. For his comeback, he proved to be at fault, following a slowdown on the plain. So he didn’t have a real race. This exit, at the third level, will allow him to gain in condition, while waiting for future deadlines. If he manages to prepare for the trot, he won’t be riding before the Prix du Calvados.

Sylvain Roger: Délia du Pommereux (16) is making a comeback. She went to the sea after her last run and we eased off for a while. At fifty meters in Mauquenchy, being railed, you just have to watch her run. She is preparing for the next qualifying events for the Prix d’Amérique.

A summary:4-7-6-2-1-13-10-11 The summary of the press:6 – 3 – 4 – 13 – 7 – 5 – 1 – 2

Europe1: 7-4-3-13-6-10-2-1
The Parisian: 4-7-13-6-10-2-11-3
Alsace: 7-1-4-6-10-13-2-11
Paris Turf: 7-4-3-13-6-10-2-1

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