Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

Game News Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

Announced fresh this week, Tekken 8 blew up the web with a devilishly beautiful trailer, sparking tremendous excitement. The producer of the series Katsuhiro Harada has rightly expressed himself about this new ambitious title, at the microphone of our colleagues from IGN.

Ready for the next battle

That’s it, after seven years of good and loyal service, Tekken 7 will soon bow out to make way for its successor., freshly unveiled this week at the start of the PlayStation Showcase. The first video (to be found above) therefore shows real time, the game being developed under Unreal Engine 5, the brand new engine from Epic Games. And yes, it is damn beautiful.

The flagship producer of the saga Katsuhiro Harada has just delivered more interesting details during an interview: first of all, you have to know that it’s the first time “that a Tekken is announced first on consoles and PC” to the detriment of arcade terminals. The emblematic game rooms are indeed beginning to bow out and that, Bandai Namco knows it well. Harada did not want to respond to the release of Tekken 8 on arcade terminals.

The Unreal Engine 5: towards new horizons

It must be said that the software will need a very particular power since it will be based, as said before, on the Unreal Engine 5. Harada says that while development started a while ago on Unreal Engine 4, the team finally decided to bring everything over to Epic Games’ new engine. : this transition even turned out to be exciting for the producer, who was then able to see new technical possibilities.

For instancethe weather effects will take on a whole new dimension: everything will be volumetric and modeled! In the case of rain like in the trailer, the engine will then allow the water to actually flow over the characters rather than opting for simple imitations of effects.

Harada also clarifies that the studio works in close collaboration with Epic Games in order to optimize the technique and the visual rendering as well as possible. Rather friendly.

Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

The story, always and again there

If Tekken has always been able to differentiate itself on one thing, it is its lore and its scenario, which are very present and which have allowed the saga to have a real common thread. Let the fans be reassured, the story will still be supported in Tekken 8: after the opposition between Kazuya and Heihachi, the theme of the father-son duality will be taken up here with Kazuya and his son, Jin.

The events of the game will take place after Tekken 7 (we don’t know when exactly) and the name of Tekken 8 was not chosen at random: in the trailer, the 8 comes from the two links of a chain that breaks… and it’s not trivial.

Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

We didn’t do this just because it looks cool, there are actually very strong story elements that go into it. This kind of chain pattern has been seen in the past with Devil Jin, for example. Jin is not only conflicted because of his Mishima family roots, but also because of the Devil gene within him that is taking over his life.

Thus, by showing the chains breaking, we make it clear that Jin is freeing himself from all these things that restrict him. He has to face these elements himself, but at the same time he has to face his father in this sort of showdown.

Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

Improved modes

Katsuhiro Harada also took the liberty of adding a small note on the game modes: the Bandai Namco teams would work hard to improve all the modes already present in the previous installments. We don’t know which ones are affected exactly, but we can then bet on Arcade mode, Ghost mode, Practice mode or even the iconic Versus mode.

As for the story mode, it will make a comeback. The developer states that the feedback on Tekken 7’s single player campaign was very good and that he wanted to make it even better in this new iteration. We will not stop him in his ideas.

Finally, let’s finish on the Online mode which, if it should be improved like all the others, was not really approached by Harada. The latter, however, specified that he would look how the competition behaves and in particular the famous fighting game from Riot Games, Project L, which could well have an influence on the competitive scene.

Do not forget : Tekken 8 is slated for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023.

Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers Tekken 8: story, graphics and game modes, the producer delivers

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