French Days 2022: the OMEN Fixed PC with RTX 3070 and Intel i7 on sale!

News good plan French Days 2022: the OMEN Fixed PC with RTX 3070 and Intel i7 on sale!

The French Days continue, and today we spotted a fixed PC with a rather attractive configuration, at a downright attractive price. If you fancy a new machine for 1440p gaming, but don’t want to get your hands dirty with assembly, this deal might just be for you.

Do you want to enjoy being part of the PC Master race, but without burning your PEL, and above all, without having to worry about mounting a central unit, its infernal wiring, and the software problems that follow? We may have what you need. Rue du Commerce is taking advantage of the French Days to make a nice reduction on this Hewlett-Packard PC straight out of the OMEN range (their gamer products) from the American manufacturer.

In a rather sober black tower, we will be entitled to a nice configuration which proves to be perfect for gaming in 1440p, and this, without breaking the bank. Initially sold at €1649 by Rue Du Commerce, this PC is now displayed at €1499which makes it rather a good deal given the onboard hardware, although, as always, disk space is rather limited, the fault of those damn SSDs which cost an arm and a leg.

Buy the Omen GT14-0017nf at 1499€ at Rue du Commerce

French Days 2022: a fixed PC with i7 and RTX 3070 at 1499€

With this OMEN GT14-007nf, HP has assembled a PC with a particularly homogeneous configuration for those who want to enjoy their games in 1440p. It all starts with a very sober compact black case, but where the assembler did not forget to place a small transparent square with RGB LEDs so that the facade can shine with a thousand lights, and have that little gamer touch.

When we get into the tough subject, we are rather surprised to find a latest generation Intel Core i7-12700. Yes, it’s not the K model, but since no details are given on the cooler, it’s probably better, especially when the data sheet provides exceptional cooling thanks to a single 120mm fan on the front. So forget about overclocking, but with such a CPU, that shouldn’t be necessary for several years.

Indeed, the chip embeds 12 cores and 20 threads with 25MB of L3 cache and frequencies that can go up to 4.9Ghz all the same. In short, your graphics card will not be restricted by the latter for a long time, even if you replace it with more recent models.

Connected to an H670 motherboard, this CPU will therefore have to make do with DDR4 RAM, (you need a Z670 chipset to be entitled to DDR5). On this point, HP has trusted its recent acquisition of the HyperX brand, since there are two 8GB DIMMs of HyperX DDR4 3733Mhz with heatsinks, and support for XMP of course.

In terms of storage, you will have to settle for a classic SD M.2 PCIe 3.0 of only 512 GB, but you will find comfort in the fact that it is a Western Digital Black. Of course, this PC will come with Windows 11 installed. Connectivity level we are entitled to Wi-Fi 6, bluetooth 5.2, and a generous connection. On the menu: 2 superspeed USB-A, 1 USB-C, 4 USB-A 2.0, a superspeed USB-C, a 3.5mm combo jack on the front, and the classic audio outputs + microphone input on the back, not to mention the RJ45.

Buy the Omen GT14-0017nf at 1499€ at Rue du Commerce

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