Cotentin. Thermal colanders: new constraints for owners

The insulation of ceilings and walls can be one of the solutions to improve the energy performance of your home. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

It is one of big changes operated on 1er January 2023. The housing with a DPE (Diagnosis of energetic performance) G and which consume more than 450 kWh/m² (i.e. a majority of these dwellings), regularly called thermal colanderscan no longer be rented as is.

The owners are invited to carry out renovation work to overcome the constraint and again collect their rent. In the longer term, accommodation classified F will be prohibited from 2028those diagnosed E will be diagnosed in 2034.

Exploding bills

“It was time to come to such measures”, reacts Jacky Hébert, president of the Channel branch of the UFC Que Choisir association. “Thermal colanders are a rental reality, and some homes are genuinely unsanitary with humidity, mould… I saw amazing things. With the cost of energy, some tenants today have a double penalty.

10 years

The Energy Performance Diagnosis is valid for 10 years if it has been carried out since July 1, 2021. It is no longer valid if it was carried out before 2017, and must be redone on January 1, 2025 if it has been carried out during the transitional period (between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2021).

21,000 homes affected in the Cotentin

” Not only, winters are tough with housing that is difficult to heat, but in addition they find themselves today with charge reminders which have tripled! I have certain files where they pay as much rent as charges ”, still protests the Manchois president of the UFC that Choose.

At the national level, according to the National Observatory for Energy Renovation (ONRE), nearly 20% of the 36.6 million French homes are considered very energy-intensive (F or G). But difficult to know the share of thermal sieves in the Cotentin.

Of the 101,000 homes in Cotentin, 80% were built before the 1990s. And it is estimated that there are 21,000 properties with an ECD of category F or G, which will therefore be directly affected by this new measure.

David Marguerite the president of the Cotentin

A figure below reality according to Jacky Hebert. “That’s the problem! The DPE of old homes is often blank. »

A difficulty for the owner

The provision of a diagnosis is however, and since 1er July 2007mandatory during a sale or a lease housing (individual and tertiary). And it’s not necessarily just a matter of bad faith.

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I have an owner, for example, who has an apartment in which he carried out more than 30,000 euros of work for the insulation of the walls. Despite this, his DPE is still G. He is desperate…

Nathalie Salmon rental manager and sales assistant at TLS Immo Cherbourg and La Haye-du-Puits

“There is a significant impact to come for rental, assures Tony Hamon, president of the FNAIM Normandy chamber. There’s already one for sale. ” HAS reindeer, for example, since the announcement, 66% of energy strainers (housing classified F or G) are on sale. The DPE now also has a clear impact in the estimation. “He had been counting more and more for 18 months, still believes the president of the FNAIM chamber, he will now be essential. »


The territory of the Cotentin urban community has 101,500 housing units, 80% of which were built before 1990 and 51% before 1970.

Insulation, not necessarily obvious

From now on, all owners or investors worry about the future of their property.

Our phone keeps ringing. They try to anticipate the work but it is often work that is expensive and not always possible!

Nathalie Salmon rental manager and sales assistant at TLS Immo Cherbourg and La Haye-du-Puits

Especially since the energy renovation market is tight. Find a company to carry out the work is sometimes a real challenge. “There are several months of waiting before the company can intervene. Even when planning work as soon as possible departure notice committed is not enough. These are then months of rent lost for the owners, and less money for the financing of the works…”, detail the agencies.

Faced with these difficulties, many investors are throwing in the towel, “some have already assured us that it was getting too complicated and that they were going to sell their property for rent”. The rental market, already tight, could then harden even more…

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