Brad Pitt launches his “made in Provence” anti-aging cream

Never change a winning team. Already associated in the success of Miraval and Fleur de Miraval champagne, the American actor Brad Pitt and the Vaucluse Perrin family have launched a range of cosmetics called “Le Domaine”, combining research and terroir. An entrepreneurial adventure made in Provence. “We are a family of winegrowers in Châteauneuf-du-Papeexplains Marc Perrin, we have a domain, the Château de Beaucastel. For five generations, we have always made wines assembly. It is our first job. 13 years ago, we wondered if there weren’t some components left, once the wine was pressed, that were still interesting.”

And to add:We looked at antioxidants and tried to extract molecules that are of interest. We worked with Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre from the University of Bordeaux to characterize all of our grape varieties and look at their antioxidant potential.”

And that was the genesis of the story.”We looked at the effects of antioxidants in selected grapes to fight against certain diseasesassures the winegrower. And we had quite interesting results on hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and then two years ago we looked at cosmetics, in short on skin aging..”

And by a combination of circumstances, the Perrin family met Nicolas Lévy, head of genetics at Timone who discovered the gene responsible for Progeria and spent his life trying to understand the mechanisms of aging. From there, a collaboration is born:We decided to work with Nicolas Levy and his company Progelife, managed by Frédéric Beneton. They brought us their knowledge on the cellular aging of the skin and we made a cosmetic brandLe Domaine”, resulting from the research we have been doing for 12 years on our different grape varieties and the antioxidantss, with an active ingredient, GSM 10 and that resulting from the work of Progelife with R3 which comes from a blend of plant extracts.

Brad Pitt, accompanied since 2012 in the Miraval adventure by the Perrins, was immediately seduced by the project and joined the team: “It’s true that we are lucky at the Perrins to have a partner called Brad Pitt who was immediately interested in the concept. We released four products, a serum, a rich cream, a fluid cream and a cleanser. It’s the beginning.

The actor who wants to spend more time in Provence and the wine-grower entrepreneur don’t want to go anywhere: “Flooding the market is definitely not the idea. We want to stay in this human adventure. We finally come to connect thethe farmer, the processor who extracts and will find the molecules of interest, the researchers, the formulation with Progelife in Marseille and the productionon with Pharm & beauty between Saint-Chamas and Signes. Laurent Dodet immediately believed in the project.”

The Perrin-Pitt duo wants to promote the local ecosystem, the short circuit and regional skills: “We don’t want to fight with the big onescosmetics brands, we want to make local cosmetics, it’s a bit like the association of wine and cosmetics.“The Domaine has started marketing its products and is beginning to create its distribution network. The products have appealed to both men and women. The image of associate actor Brad Pitt, who has aged rather well, is probably no stranger… The cap was made of salvaged barrel wood.Organic and eco-design are part of the values ​​of the young company.

Other products are under development: “We’re going to take some time to launch the brand properly, to be in the right places.

Everything is produced at Signes

The partnership with Le Domaine is the first commercial offensive of ProGeLife, a Marseille-based company created in 2014 by geneticist Nicolas Lévy, discoverer of the gene for premature aging in children affected by Progeria, and his partner Pierre Cau. “The objective is not to launch into large-scale cosmetics“, assures Frédéric Beneton, president of ProGeLife, but to find through this partnership the necessary funding for the development of therapies neglected by big pharma for rare diseases”. New contracts could be signed with other cosmetic brands. “We have been supporting Progelife for five years nowassures Laurent Dodet, CEO of Pharm & beauty”, sur developments of anti-aging molecules. And this work has in fact allowed us to get in touch with the Perri family as well.n and to be associated with the launch of this cosmetic brand. We have six production units in care, hygiene and make-up, but also in medical devices and food and pharmaceutical supplements. Part of our production, R & D, sales and all support services are based in Saint-Chamas and the rest is done in Signes“It is in the factory of the Var that the products of the brand “Le Domaine” were manufactured. “About 200 brands trust us today.”

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