She adopts a child no one wanted, 12 years later she discovers the worst

Meet Anna, a very bright career woman who felt empty and unfulfilled. Indeed, know that she could not reproduce her professional success in her love life. She had long wanted to meet a man who could be compatible with her to build a home and a family. We can say that his wish was granted. And Anna’s seems to materialize when she meets Patrick while on vacation in Argentina. In addition, this one makes his dream a reality with the adoption of this child. And it was, at least in part!

Partick couldn’t have children

We would have said a fairy tale written in the stars! Indeed, Anna and Patrick discovered that they actually lived in the same city in the United States. Patrick worked as a firefighter. And the budding romance culminated in a marriage within months. Anna’s dream is to be an alpha female with a successful career, a wonderful marriage and wonderful children.

Unfortunately, the two lovebirds realize with heartbreak thatthey couldn’t have of biological children. Patrick, not Anna, was sterile. Indeed, her sperm was too weak to cause pregnancy. And this, even after a dietary intervention to improve the quality of his sperm.

The couple decides to adopt this little boy!

The couple is then faced with two choices. Either use a sperm donor or adopt. After deliberation, they choose theadoption. However, this decision turned out to be a mistake, as history shows. After consulting a social worker, Anna and Patrick visited a few orphanages looking for children to adopt… And a boy, older than the others, caught their attention!

He was eight years old, while the other children in the orphanages were under four. Also, Anna inquired about the boy and found to her amazement that no one wanted to adopt him ! He is cute and shy, just like her darling husband, Patrick. Yet each time a couple wanting to adopt becomes interested in the boy, they change their minds. This happened so often that the child stayed in the orphanage for a long time. He was now eight years old.

Child: His biological father wants to meet him!

Moreover, the investigations proved that the physical and mental health of the boy was good. And social workers have not provided answers. Feeling empathetic, Anna and Patrick decided to give the child a home. They adopted him and named him Billy. Anna, Patrick and Billy were now a family… And everything seemed to be going well. The couple raised the little boy well. And when he grew up they had the surprise of their life !A letter arrived in the mailbox, addressed to Billy. They gave it away, initially thinking it was a college acceptance letter.

But it was Billy’s biological father and he wanted to meet his son! Yet nothing was ever said about the boy’s biological father during the adoption process. The couple found out who Billy’s father was. It is about a famous and dangerous mob boss named Patty O’Reiley. Billy had been put up for adoption against his father’s wishes when he went to prison. Now that he is free, he wants his son back. The couple decided to let Billy decide if he wanted to meet his father or not? And the little boy chose to meet him. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Patty O’Reiley later met Anna and Patrick and established a great relationship. At the end of the day, love has won!

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