Resident Evil Village the shadows of Rose: winning return to Lady Dimitrescu?

Game News Resident Evil Village the shadows of Rose: winning return to Lady Dimitrescu?

Released in May 2021, Resident Evil Village made us shiver in a small remote town in Eastern Europe, hit by freezing cold. In the skin of Ethan Winters, we had moved heaven and hellish earth to find Rose, the flesh of our flesh. Sixteen years after the end of this episode, we find the young girl, who is now a teenager, locked up in Dimitrescu’s castle. Unlike Ethan, she’s not just going to talk about powder.

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During a presentation at the premises of Capcom France, we were able to discover for the first time the additional adventure “Les ombres de Rose” during a short session of “hands on” gameplay (about 45 minutes).

Back to square one

Our TGS demo of the Resident Evil Village expansion begins in the cold, damp maze of Dimitrescu’s Castle. At first glance, nothing seems to have changed since Ethan’s misadventures: the kitchen is still in a pitiful state, the entrance is still impressive, and the hallways upstairs are still stuffy. However, this cursed place has evolved in several aspects during the sixteen years of absence of the Winters.. The first is that some kind of sprawling plant has taken over the place, preventing Rose from visiting certain places. The second comes from the monsters that populate the place: the Moroaicǎ have given way to the Eaters of Faces, new enemies who have the annoying habit of sucking the souls of their victims. The third, finally, is based on the new twisted spirit that haunts the place in the person of the Masked Marquis, a protagonist who resembles the Duke, the merchant of the original software.

In the skin of the young Rose, you must once again make your way through dangerous monsters while trying to survive despite the limited number of ammunition and remedies. As usual, you are asked to find special items and solve puzzles in order to progress. Although the young heroine finds herself in a place already visited in the past, the latter still has some surprises in store. Some rooms are no longer totally the same and the variations are very present. However, the objectives to be carried out as well as the places traveled are so reminiscent of the basic episode that we regularly have the impression of playing a mod transforming Ethan into a female character and forgetting the first person view in favor of a shoulder camera.

Resident Evil Village the shadows of Rose: winning return to Lady Dimitrescu?

With great responsibility comes great power

As you will have understood, the first minutes of play are not very surprising. There are many messages that appear in the decor, seeming to be written by an invisible character who has come to help Rose in her quest, but nothing transcendent to report, even though this adjuvant would magically make weapons, ammunition and medicine. The real novelty of this DLC comes from the power of the heroine. The latter has the ability to destroy/alter elements by focusing on them. In fact, a long press on R1 / RB allows Rose to explode the evil plant of the castle (aiming at sensitive parts) to make a passage accessible but also to slow down the Face Eaters who are prowling, which is useful for kill them (or run away from them). Using this power against opponents consumes a resource that can be picked up in levels, like balls and green plants. We don’t yet know to what extent this addition to the gameplay of the title will modify the basic experience, but we hope that Capcom has planned some interesting mechanics using this funny skill.

Resident Evil Village the shadows of Rose: winning return to Lady Dimitrescu?Resident Evil Village the shadows of Rose: winning return to Lady Dimitrescu?

The Resident Evil Village “Shadows of Rose” DLC will be released on October 28, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch (via the Cloud), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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