Google brilliantly withstands the biggest computer attack in history

News hardware Google brilliantly withstands the biggest computer attack in history

At the beginning of June 2022, Google was the victim of an information attack on an incredible scale. The web giant has just lifted the veil on what represents the most violent cyberattack of its kind to date.

Even the most powerful tech companies that are best prepared for all sorts of situations can be surprised when they come under attack. The proof, with the recent publication of Google, one of the most powerful members of GAFAM. The company has just published an article to explain how it had to manage a gigantic DDoS attack on June 1st.

A legendary DDoS attack that hit Google

Cloud Armor is a solution offered by Google to its customers to protect them against DDoS attacks. On June 1, 2022, one of Google’s customers, equipped with Cloud Armor, was the victim of a spectacular denial of service (DDoS) attack, resulting in up to 46 million requests per second. “This is the largest Layer 7 DDoS attack reported to date, at least 76% larger than the previous record”, Google details.

Concretely, Cloud Armor’s client received the equivalent of Wikipedia’s daily queries in just 10 seconds, and it is therefore the Google service that had the mission to collect this computer attack. And that’s obviously where Cloud Armor shines, since it managed to do just that.

A DDoS attack, what is it?

A DDoS attack, or denial of service, consists of bombard a site or server with requests in order to load it up, saturate it and “bring it down” to make it inaccessible. The potential sites are numerous and the reasons that can lead to its attacks are as multiple as they are malicious.

The hackers behind the attack use a network of zombie PCs, i.e. machines infected by a botnet, to launch their attack. Infected machines send mass requests without the knowledge of their owner, who become accomplices to the computer attack without knowing it.

In the case of the attack that Google had to manage, the Mēris botnet seems to be involveddue to the geographic distribution of insecure services that were used in the attack. “Known for its massive attacks that have broken DDoS records, the Mēris method abuses insecure proxies to hide the true origin of the attacks”summarizes Google.

A great ad for Cloud Armor

Google explains that Cloud Armor was able to detect the attack in its first momentswhich allowed the service to warn its client, who was able to deploy the useful protection on his side. Cloud Armor then cashed the charge, which started at around 10,000 requests per second before skyrocketing to 46 million. It then gradually descended.

Google brilliantly withstands the biggest computer attack in history

The attack began at 9:45 a.m. and continued until 10:54 a.m. before stopping. For 69 minutes, Cloud Armor protected the targeted site, which continued to function normally.

For Google, this demonstration represents a great advertisement for Cloud Armor. The company never reveals the identity of its client, for obvious reasons. We therefore do not know for what possible reason this site was the target of this attack, but it is ultimately of little importance: if Google hadn’t communicated on the subject, perhaps the biggest DDoS attack to date would have gone completely unnoticed.

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