4 months without fixed internet: how Orange made me hang around for nothing

After my move, I took out a fiber subscription with Orange. Here is the story of 4 months of adventures.

Internet has become one of the essential needs of our daily life, just like water or electricity. And for the most connected among us, going back to ADSL is no longer possible either. It is partly for this reason that the connection to the fiber network was one of the essential criteria that I set myself in 2021 when I looked for a new apartment. However, I did not think that this would lead me to an adventure with the Orange after-sales service.

Subscribe to fiber

After having checked that my apartment was eligible for fiber, I therefore planned my move for January 18, 2022 and called Orange on January 11 to transfer my subscription to my new accommodation and take the opportunity to ask for a possible commercial gesture. after 7 years of loyalty on landline and almost as much on mobile at Sosh. A period during which I never had anything to reproach either the ISP or the operator, both in terms of the quality of service and that of the after-sales service.

First surprise, I came across a rather unpleasant and haughty person who quickly explained to me with disdain that as a former customer I obviously could not take advantage of the promotional offers posted on the internet and planned for new customers. Either, I did not expect so much, and after discussion I thus obtain a rebate of 10 euros per month during one year, it is already a first step.

orange shop 2

To check my eligibility, I give not only my address, but also the identifier of the fiber optic socket that is already in my living room (the optical termination point, or PTO). Suffice to say that it is difficult to be more precise. An important point for the rest of the adventures.

When I give the date of my move, I almost get burned for doing it only a week in advance. ” It takes a minimum of two weeks “. At this time, it’s not a big problem for me, I tell myself that I can do without the internet for a week (if I had known…) and I grit my teeth when he tells me that the first date available is finally in three weeks. It’s my fault, I should have done it sooner, so I accept my fate.

The climax of the discussion finally came when the operator offered me an additional price drop if I didn’t take the TV decoder from the offer. This seems very attractive for someone like me who had already unplugged his decoder, but knowing Orange’s offers by heart at this time, I told him that I was waiting “at least» a downlink speed of the order of Gigabit and that a package with 400 or 500 Mb/s, even at this price, does not interest me. A Kafkaesque discussion ensues where he explains to me with animosity that Orange does not offer a Gigabit offer, but that it is 500 Mb/s or 2 Gb/s… even though the speed is limited to 1 Gb/ s per device.

In short, I grit my teeth and finally finalize my registration for a Livebox Up Fiber offer.

The meeting waltz

A few days after my move, I received my new Livebox and noticed that the building number of my address was not correct. Surprised, I contacted Orange to tell them the error, reminded me of my exact address, as well as the number of the socket in my living room. I am then explained that this is not really an error and that the address indicated is that of the mutualisation point (PM), because yes, in my residence, the connection cupboard of the 6 buildings is in the same place, in a building that is not where I live. But after all, after giving the number of my connection socket twice, what can go wrong?

So I’m waiting on D-Day for the technician who is supposed to come and connect me to the fiber “between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.“. At 11 o’clock, I am surprised to have no news. At 1 p.m., I give up the idea of ​​seeing him arrive. I check all day on my Orange et Moi app to see if there is an indication explaining this absence, but the meeting time does not change. It is only the next day that I see the modified slot without further indication for the following week.

The SMS follow one another and look alike // Source: Frandroid

A human or calendar problem can happen, but at this time I find it very disappointing on the part of the first operator in France with the reputable after-sales service to lack communication. Never mind, so I wait a week to see my appointment once again canceled at the last moment and then postponed two weeks later. A dance that will then become my new routine for 4 months, giving me the impression of living the myth of Sisyphus.

“It’s Free’s fault”

Obviously, as soon as the second appointment was cancelled, I contacted the after-sales service, who then explained the problem to me: “it’s because of Free“. Although I have subscribed to an Orange offer, Iliad’s ISP is actually my building operator, the one who took care of pulling the fiber to my house and it is therefore necessary for Free to provide Orange optical path information to practice connection. This will be the excuse that will be given to me throughout my journey.

On this point, I must admit that the specialist advisor who was assigned to me as privileged contact for any question related to my move was exemplary calm in the face of my annoyance — always very polite, remember when this happens to you that the people you communicate with usually have nothing to do with it — and always very thorough in their answers to my often very technical questions.

During this period, I took the opportunity to ask a friend, a connection technician at Orange, if he could do something for me. I should have been suspicious when he explained to me that he couldn’t find my PTO number in his files.

“You are not eligible…”

On May 11, 4 months to the day after my subscription, after yet another appointment canceled at the last moment, I called the Orange consultant herself, disappointed, who asked me for the number of my PTO for the third time. Through the handset I hear him tapping on his keyboard before telling me that… I am not eligible for Orange fiber, but that they can offer me an ADSL offer.

Freebox Delta with Player Pop
Freebox Delta with Player Pop

In reality, in my residence, only two buildings are already open to competition for the connection, including the one where the concentration point is located, which appeared on my address originally, a problem that I had reported as early as January . However, my building is still subject to the exclusivity of the building operator.

So that’s how, only ten days later, I found myself with a functional Freebox in my living room and a certain aversion to Orange who could have known as early as January 11, when I indicated my PTO number, that I didn’t I was not eligible for their offer.

Afterword in store

After all these twists and turns, I thought the story was over, until I brought back my 4G key loaned for the occasion in store and which particularly helped me out (which will be the subject of another article ). Again, the experience did not live up to my expectations, since the person who came to greet me at the entrance to the store could not help me, because the line was already cancelled. So I waited 40 minutes, seeing people who arrived after me being taken care of before me, so that, finally, the person who originally greeted me came back to me and… collected thedonglein question in just a few minutes.

In all, Orange will therefore have made me lose 4 months and 40 minutes…


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