A teenager dies after a hickey from his girlfriend on the neck, his parents file a complaint against her!

Julio Mecias Gonzalez was a teenager bursting with life. His passion led him that day with his girlfriend. Yet it is the latter that will cause his death. The hickey she gave him that day, deprived his parents of their son. Scandalized and saddened, they file a complaint against the young girl.

Seizures and sudden death

The story takes place in 2016, in Mexico. Julio Mecias Gonzalez lived with his family. He was only 17 years old. Like many young people his age, he has a girlfriend.

He spends a nice afternoon with his girlfriend Iris and goes home right after. Then Julio has dinner as usual with the members of his family. But under the horrified eyes of his parents, the boy convulses violently before losing consciousness.

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The parents immediately called the emergency services to help their son. To the great misfortune of the latter, the paramedics could not do anything for him. Despite prompt intervention, the boy died.

A hickey that has become fatal

The sudden departure of Julio landed his parents. In order to find out the reason behind his death, a team of doctors looked into his case.

The autopsy revealed a cerebral vascular accident due to the formation of a blood clot. The origin of this is none other than the hematoma or hickey identified on Julio’s skin.

Hard to believe ? And yet, there is a certain logic behind this case. The suction on the youngster’s neck would have caused a bruise or a burst of the blood vessels located there. The blood that escaped produced a clot or hematoma that migrated to the brain. This is the one that would have caused the stroke.

Parents file complaint against girlfriend

As soon as the parents learned of the results of the autopsy, they launch a complaint against Iris for manslaughter. After all, the two parties never got along. Mr and Mrs Gonzalez never accepted the fact that their minor son could have a relationship with a woman 7 years his senior.

However, Julio still persisted in seeing her. They continued to show each other signs of affection until that famous day. The Gonzalez family has found one more reason to do not carry the young woman in their hearts.

Despite the story that Iris and Julio had lived, this one couldn’t even attend the funeral because of the lawsuits on her. The charges against her were too heavy. So she had to hide.

One similar case

The case is quite rare. The medical press only recordeda single history, in 2010, on the subject. She is a 44-year-old New Zealander. Little publicized, she would have suffered damage following a hickey from her partner.

Made nearan artery in his neckthe incident resulted in the paralysis of the left arm of the 40-year-old.

“The oral aspiration had caused trauma inside the vessel. There was a clot in the artery,” was the explanation given by Dr. Teddy Wu, at the time.

In his case, the blood clot has not migrated to the brain, but towards the heart. It is this that would have led to heart attack and the paralysis that followed.

The patient got lucky. Doctors quickly gave her blood thinners. She therefore did not lose her life that day.

So should we stop giving a hickey?

Should we fear this mark of tenderness in our relationship? His practice is to suck the skin strong enough for the blood vessels below to burst. The neck is a place where a large flow of blood occurs. It is therefore a rather fragile part unlike the thighs or other regions of the body.

The famous bruise responsible for the red and bluish stain forms after some aspiration. But is leaving such a mark on the neck really worth the risk?

Hickeys are usually benign. Like other bruises, they not noticeable after a few days.

Normally, bruises responsible for hematomas like the two previous cases are not among the main factors of stroke. The doctors would also have affirmed that the two cases studied before were rather rare.

But in order not to gamble with life, it is better not to make uncertain bets. Other less dangerous forms of tenderness exist, such as gifts, hugs, kisses.

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