Assaulted live on Twitch, she has her streaming equipment stolen!

news culture Assaulted live on Twitch, she has her streaming equipment stolen!

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On January 23, South Korean streamer Jinnytty organized a vlog in Argentina that suddenly turned into a disaster. Suddenly, during the live Twitch, the young woman found herself facing two individuals who attacked her with the intention of stealing her smartphone with which she was broadcasting her live. A shocking moment that was immortalized on the platform as seen in the clip featured in this article.

The vlogging and IRL live craze is taking over Twitch

As the Twitch platform becomes more democratic, the world of video games on the site leaves a little more leeway for content creators who can vary the programs and offer their subscribers other forms of entertainment. From now on, the lives are no longer done only behind a very sturdy gaming setup and controller in hand. A real phenomenon in recent years, vlogs have been exported to Twitch after being a hit on YouTube, in elaborate and edited forms. Today, some streamers walk live, offer us to follow them on their expeditions, and all this without leaving our home while having the impression of accompanying them.

Twitch has therefore made a specialty of the art of live. On the side of the French “twitch game”, the representatives of this kind of outdoor lives, whether they make it a recurring practice or not, are more numerous.. We can, for example, cite the streamer Pape San, whose wanderings in South Korea we could follow as well as, more broadly, his travels across the globe. However, he is not the only one to have taken us for a breath of fresh air, the streamer Ponce used, for example, to invite us to a meal with another Internet personality for a while. Ponce the Night. Amine and Billy are always ready to grab a camera so that we tremble with them during their horror urbex lives. Also, in a calmer and calmer genre, Étoiles increasingly organizes discoveries of cultural places and other museums. In short, Twitch is no longer just video games, it’s also in the streets that it’s happening!

The subscribers of this streamer witness her attack live!

In this kind of concept of lives, it is always possible that we witness funny moments… But also to others, much less funny. Recently, it was the South Korean streamer Jinnytty, accustomed to IRL sessions and moments of discussion on her Twitch channel, who paid the price for a malicious couple while she strolled through the aisles of an Argentine market. As we can see in the clip below, his January 23 Twitch live suddenly turned into a disaster when his phone was suddenly stolen. While the woman flees with her loot, a man tries to hold the streamer and block her way to prevent her from catching up with the woman who grabbed her smartphone.

In her misfortune, Jinnytty was lucky in that she managed to track down the thief, who had stormed into the corridors of the subway, and take her to a much busier place in the hope of alerting the people around her, some of whom came to her rescue. Finally, the streamer was able to recover her equipment and resume her live, in particular to reassure her subscribers, who are nearly 850,000 to follow her, and explain to them what had just taken place before their eyes.. The young woman, who had promised herself to visit the country as soon as the Albiceleste won the World Cup, should not forget this vlog anytime soon!

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