Louane atomized by Internet users because of his behavior in The Voice Kids!

This Saturday evening September 10, TF1 broadcast the fourth and final series of blind auditions for this new season of The Voice Kids. Each of the four coaches now has a full team of 12 young talents ready to try to win their ticket to the future.

While Kendji Girac occupies the post of coach for the second year, and Patrick Fiori for the seventh, two young newcomers have joined the team for this 8th season: Julien Doré and Louane. If the first is considered tender and funny, what do Internet users think of Louane?

Louane releases her emotions

It’s no secret, Louane is hyperemotiveand defines itself as ” whining »…

This year, Louane is the only woman in The Voice Kids. She has to play with three monuments of French song. Also the 25-year-old young woman has decided to do everything to defend her favorites.

Since the start of this new season, and she had warned, Louane decided to release his emotions, at the risk of annoying some Twittos. Whether to jump for joy or to cry hot tearsit is true that his emotions often overflow.

On September 10, she, who usually seduces the public thanks to her empathy, her listening, and her sensitivity, ended up putting herself down, unleashing the wrath of viewers.

As the young Oriane began to sing the first words of Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo, Louane started humming the lyrics at the same time. After annoying viewers who couldn’t hear the contestant well, she then said out loud that it was ” one of his favorite songs of recent years“… Considerably embarrassing still listening to Oriane’s performance.

She is “unbearable”.

And Louane has decided not to stop there. Indeed, she did it again a few minutes later during the performance of young Sasha with Fix you by Coldplay. “It’s my favorite band! », Louane shouted again aloud, very agitated.

It did not take more to put the majority of the canvas out of it! Thus, Internet users have not spared it: “ But this Louane is UNBEARABLE!!! I can’t listen to her anymore… What if she could stop talking during the performances! “. “She’s a little (a lot) clumsy, Louane, isn’t she?“. “You should think about cutting off his microphone during the candidates’ performances. »

Louane is just doing “her job”

Some netizens have found that Esme’s mom put pressure on candidates and that she didn’t have enough arguments. ” Louane, she puts pressure on the kids. She leaves them no choice. It’s not respectful at all, especially for children, I’m shocked“. ” I realize that I’m not the only one who can’t stand Louane phew! Yet I like the artist but as a coach, she is unbearable » « she annoys me personally, she takes children for objects with its ‘come with me’ incessant even before having asked for their first names “, we could read on the network at the blue bird.

Luckily, the 25-year-old has a few fans who love her unconditionally. Indeed, the latter did not shrink from defending their idol on Twitter. For them, it’s just ” his job as a coach. ” Change discs right? Louane here Louane there! Are you dumb or how is it going? She just fights for talents you never watched the years before? Soothe your hearts instead of pouring out your hate here! Mind-blowing to see this!“, shouted a user on Twitter.

Moreover, many Twittos hailed the ” big heart by Louane.

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