GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar’s game

Game news GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar’s game

There are probably a few million of us waiting for GTA 6. In the meantime, here are 5 things players are hoping to see in the game.

With an exceptional longevity all the same, the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto, which can also be renamed Rockstar’s golden egg hen, has been exported to a swarm of platforms, delighting several generations of players. But today, for the latter, it is high time to take the next step. And since the historic leak suffered by the American studio this year, the expectation is doubly felt. On Reddit, we collected the biggest desires of the community for the next episode which makes the whole planet jubilate. Here they are.


  • A release date
  • Smarter NPCs
  • More places to enter and activities to do
  • More building and customization
  • More criminal roleplay

A release date

Well yes, let’s be concrete, the first thing we expect from GTA 6 is a release date. For the moment, it does not seem won. And since the huge leak, fears of a possible postponement have crystallized. Rockstar Games, however, wanted to reassure everyone about this: “At this time, we do not foresee any disruption to our online gaming services, nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects”. Because of course, if everyone has only the words GTA 6 in their mouths, other projects are well underway in the premises belonging to the publisher. Anyway, last July, insider Tom Henderson estimated a release date in 2024 or 2025. A hypothesis later supported by Jason Schreier:

I don’t know why everyone thinks I said GTA VI will be released in 2023. Everything Tom Henderson said about the game is what I heard. (…) I don’t know, I haven’t seen it all but development is still in its early stages, and it has an evolving/expanding map (which I also reported last year), etc. .

I have nothing against Rockstar insiders but I remember having to tell people over a year ago that the game wasn’t “70% done”. Game development is not a linear process. There’s no way for anyone to really gauge whether a game is halfway or 70% or any percentage. I think people are just going to have to be patient. – Schreier on Twitter

Smarter NPCs

Well, let’s move on to some very specific elements of the game. What the Rockstar community mostly wants is obviously smarter NPCs in all areas. Remove psychic abilities from the cop and add options to approach missions from stealth can we read in the most liked comment of this Reddit post. Indeed, many are tired that eliminating an enemy in the middle of nowhere can attract police cars. “Like in RDR2, when you kill someone in the middle of nowhere and there happens to be a witness“, will add user Conyeezy_West.”Then you kill the witness and there’s a witness for the witness“, joked another.

GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar's game

For now, rumors say that the police could identify the vehicles in which we are fleeing, forcing them to discreetly find others to successfully evade the forces of order. If we don’t know much else about what the NPCs have in store for us, the leak of the game at least allowed us to learn that for the main roles, we should find a duo of characters, Lucia and Jason, who would form a couple of criminals as clever as they are sneaky like Bonnie & Clyde.

More places to enter and activities to do

This suggestion came up quite regularly: between two robberies, many would like to have the opportunity to have their fill quietly at the table of a charming restaurant in Grand Theft Auto VI. And then why not take a little scooter on the edge of a lake, enjoy a delicious cappuccino on the terrace, do BMX races or even spend all your coins in arcade terminals.

GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar's game

In any case from what the leaks and rumors suggest, we could explore Vice City with other cities and a lot of pretty cool spaces. We are talking in particular about a marsh full of crocodiles called Grassrivers in reference to the Everglades, agricultural areas, a metro, as well as many interiors. All in all, the base map of GTA 6 might just be gigantic.

More building and customization

Always with a view to better interacting with places, some would also like to be able to buy houses. We are also calling for a real accessible shopping center where it would be possible to buy decorative items for your apartment, clothing stores, food stores, etc. More generally, players have indicated that they would like control over the design of their houses. In short, a bit of Sims in GTA what.

GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar's gameGTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar's game

Not much is known about the buildings yet, but recent leaks have dropped some details about the cars. In some videos, we notice detailed and presumably customizable vehicle interiors. It’s already that. The personalization of the hideouts, as well as the system of change between the characters would also be on the program.

More criminal roleplay

It also came up often, a lot of players would like additional features to lead their life as a criminal, such as hostages, kidnappings, manipulation, lying and even cybercrime.

In this regard, the leaks seem to indicate that the interactions are increasingly eyeing the side of Red Dead Redemption II since during a robbery or hostage-taking sequence, we see that it would be possible to threaten and pickpocket hostages. Traders could also be forced to empty the till. Beyond that, the weapons no longer seem to disappear when you put them away, an inventory system has been seen and it would even be possible to take a body on your shoulder to move it.

GTA 6: 5 things gamers absolutely want to see in Rockstar's game

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