Fifth. The Room Price of Monsieur Le Prince in Chantilly this Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

Direction Chantilly this Tuesday, November 15, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de la Chambre de Monsieur Le Prince will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 1800 meters, and endowed with 55,000€.

In this event, Soliman (4) is a brand new colt, who started his career late last summer. After two first profitable outings, it seems to be making good progress, as evidenced by its two recent victories. Penalized by weight, it clearly rises in category with relatively little experience. He will also make his first public outing on the PSF. He must cross a threshold here. Lion’s Mane (5) gave promises last year. he was then removed from the tracks and castrated during the offseason. Of a commendable constancy and having just opened his prize list, he will discover the handicaps with a commendable freshness. He deserves some attention on Tuesday, especially since further progress on his part cannot be ruled out. The Loire (8) has not been able to shine lately, being also quickly beaten. However, that day it went wrong. She was constrained to thicknesses and was never hidden. We will therefore be careful not to eliminate it radically. Previously, she had won with some assurance. Romantic Rose (13) has been quickly dominated lately. It would probably have been better off in the second event, but it likes good ground and should therefore enjoy the PSF, which it will discover in competition. It only has a secondary chance here, but it could well come to confuse the cards at the end of a course without incident.

Geny’s secrets

Mrs. Carmen Bocskai: Bonheur Bleu (1) has remained in very good condition since its last attempt. It is competitive at this value, has already run well on the PSF in Cantilienne, and the distance is good for it. In addition, it has a good string number. Only a bad running of the race could prevent him from playing the leading roles. He can win.

Romain Le Dren Doleuze: Mashmedia (2) is running better than the result indicates lately, with its final effort having been satisfactory. Admittedly, its weight margin has been reduced since its summer success at this level but well placed in the stalls and in good shape, it should logically defend itself well on Tuesday.

Olaf Profft: Celestine (3) is a well-known filly. It approaches the end of the year with great freshness. She worked well for this event. She finds the PSF, a surface on which she had imposed herself this summer. We expect very good behavior.

Nicholas Clement: Sunray (6) is a nice filly with whom we tried to gain some boldness. She has remained in good shape and remains competitive in value 38. Admittedly, she has an outside string number, but she is a manageable filly who knows how to do everything. The PSF shouldn’t bother her. I expect a good performance.

Henk Grewe: Great Rotation (7) is fine. His most recent release is to be put into perspective. He was very unlucky that day being pushed around. He remained in good condition and has titles at this level. He will discover the PSF, but I think he is capable of adapting well to it.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Romantic Symbol (9) is a serious filly, which showed a certain quality. Irreproachable since its beginnings, it comes to try in a handicap with a correct value. His last outing on the PSF is good and the lengthening of the distance does not worry me. She should be able to hold her own well.

Ludovic Rovisse: Warm Breeze (10) has not been able to shine lately, perhaps lacking freshness on a very difficult track. It has since recovered. I’m curious to see it again on the PSF. His partner will however have to deal with rope 16. This is not, a priori, an advantage on this track.

Maurizio Guarnieri: Samapy (11) is a colt that I like. His last two outings have shown us that he has the means to win a handicap on grass. Tuesday, we find ourselves in a quinté and he will discover the fiber. He has never set foot on a PSF, this will be a first for him. Now he adapts a bit to everything and I hope to see him defend himself well.

Stephane Wattel: Lady Pink (12) needs to prove herself on the PSF. Otherwise, she is in good physical shape. She’s a bit stretched out, but that shouldn’t upset her.

Miroslav Rulec: Twilight (14) is very good, having remained in a good state of form. I think she should behave better than the last time, when it went wrong. It has the means to finish in the winning combination of the fifth.

Gavin Hernon: Memory Baileys (15) has done very well lately, showing courage until the end. It remained in good condition and on Tuesday, it will return to the PSF, a surface it knows. In addition, the fact of being a little extended will not bother her. At the end of a smooth journey, I believe she is able to participate actively at the finish.

Yann Lerner: Gemmyo (16) has some excuses to make on his last outing. He had done well on the PSF this summer, while being unlucky. Recently at Saint-Cloud, he did not appreciate the heavy ground. Now, it will be necessary to have a good course because it must start outside. If the course of the race is good, he has his place at the finish.

A summary: 10-1-12-5-6-3-14-16 The summary of the press: 5 – 1 – 6 – 10 – 2 – 14 – 3 – 4

Equidia: 6-11-9-12-1-14-16-5
Europe1: 3-6-1-5-14-10-4-9
The Parisian: 1-3-5-14-5-12-6-2
Alsace: 5-10-14-1-11-15-12-9
Paris Turf: 4-2-1-16-6-5-12-9

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