Fuel shortage: where to find fuel? The map of available stations

PETROL CARD FUEL SHORTAGE. The strike is renewed in the refineries and fuel depots of the TotalEnergies group, Sunday, October 16. Shortages at gas stations continue. See our map to find out where to find gasoline.

  • How many stations in short supply? In France, the shortage of gasoline continues, Sunday, October 16, with the strike of refineries and fuel depots of the Total group. Saturday October 15, 27.3% of French service stations were out of stock of at least one product, according to the Ministry of Energy Transition. With 39.9% of stations in difficulty, Île-de-France is the region most affected by this lack of fuel. It is followed by Centre-Val de Loire (36.4% of stations affected) and Hauts-de-France with 22% of stations lacking fuel.
  • Until when ? The strike is renewed in five refineries of the TotalEnergies group, Sunday October 16 at least until Tuesday. For their part, the blockages have been lifted at Esso-ExxonMobil since Friday October 14 at the Port-Jérôme site (Seine-Maritime) and since Thursday evening at Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône). The return to normal should take a few days, since the CGT of these refineries explained that the level of fuel production would return to normal in two or three weeks.
  • Where to find gasoline? Check the official map and the interactive map below to find fuel. These two cards are complementary and allow you to obtain the type of fuel available and their prices. Please note, due to the shortage, the situation can change very quickly, especially in large cities, and the fuel displayed as available at a service station on the map may no longer be available when you visit the station for a few hours. later.

This is the “instant flow” of fuel prices in France, provided by the Ministry of the Economy and available on the official website: https://www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr/. This operation generates some limits, the first being that of the absence of recent updates in many stations. Some prices or availability have not been entered for several days. Here is the manual anyway:

  • By zooming in and then clicking on a point on the map, you can display all the information about the station and scroll through the prices of each fuel with arrows.
  • Out-of-stock fuels are either explicitly mentioned on the map, or absent from the stations
  • It is up to the point of sale concerned to declare its station and its prices to the Ministry. Some groups, such as Total, also provide data that is sometimes more detailed.

The Mon Essence application offers an interactive map of petrol stations near you. How it works ? From the location of the stations on the government map, the app is based on the information provided by the users of the application. The data is then compiled from user feedback, which allows great reactivity, but also generates some errors… It is also possible to consult the number of users who have provided information on this station and the time of the latest update. Stations displayed in orange are short of at least one fuel, those in red have no more fuel in stock, petrol or diesel.

You will find above a list published based on feedback from users of the app and the Mon Essence.fr website. Ile-de-France saw its stocks quickly empty after the start of strike movements in Normandy, on fuel depots which massively supply the Paris agglomeration.

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website and centered on Marseille is available above. The Marseille conurbation was one of the first to be affected by the petrol shortage at the beginning of October and the situation remains difficult with a still limited supply to petrol stations. The end of the movement on the Fos-sur-Mer site should make it possible to fix the situation in the coming days.

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website and centered on Lyon is available above. The Lyon conurbation is not one of the most affected regions, but several stations are still reported to be in a situation of shortage of one or more fuels.

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