Supermarket: after oil and mustard, the ingredient adored by the French threatened with shortage

In France and in several other countries, more and more products are running out. Among these products is milk. According to reports, it may well disappear from supermarket shelves. In question ? Producing it is no longer profitable for breeders. Indeed, producing milk is now extremely expensive.

Reason why producers abandon their activity to turn to another more profitable one. Added to this is the drought that has affected the country for several months. Not to mention the rise in the price of packaging and energy. All this makes the job of producers even more difficult. Not knowing what to do, some have been forced to shut down.

An increase in the price of milk is necessary

To avoid the shortage of milk, more producers must resume their activity. In order to achieve this, a revaluation of the price of the product is necessary. Indeed, as explained by the fluid milk unions, in order to help producers, a 20% increase should be considered.

“We have to get 15 to 20%, break the glass ceiling of €1 per litre”, declared the President of Syndilait.

If this has the merit of being clear, it remains to be seen how things will evolve. Anyway, milk lovers who can’t imagine having breakfast without it, will have to improvise in the event of a shortage.

They will have to turn to plants such as oat milk, soy milk or even almond milk if they wish to consume it. Vegetable milk is good for your health, but the concern is at the price level. It costs twice as much as cow’s milk.

Shortage of butter

Like milk, butter might also run out before some time. The price of the product continues to climb, and according to professionals, its supply could become complicated.

If this shortage of butter were to occur, consumers will have to adapt. They will be forced to turn to other products to replace it, but which ones? In fact, there are several alternatives. For cooking, for example, it is possible to replace butter with oil. For the cakes, they have the choice between ricotta, vegetables, and fromage blanc.

Shortage of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is also on the list of products experiencing a shortage. Its price continues to climb and the fact that it is becoming increasingly rare worries consumers. To fix things, the government tried to find a solution. He turned to national production to fill the gap. Unfortunately, with the population consuming a large amount of sunflower oil, it turned out to be insufficient.

Distributors were therefore forced to replace sunflower oil with another. This has affected the nutri-score of certain products. Information that the suppliers preferred not to make public. They did not want to reveal the nutri-score of the products whose composition was modified for fear that they would no longer sell as before.

Faced with this, UFC-Que Choisir did not sit idly by. She managed to determine the new nutri-scores and shared them on her site. It is thanks to this that consumers have been able to see that many products have had their nutri-score changed. We sum it all up for you:

Products whose nutri score has gone from D to E: Simpl crackers (Carrefour), Tokapi salted crackers (Leclerc), Eco+ salted crackers (Leclerc), Cora salted crackers, Cracker’s Classic’ (Carrefour), as well only a few cereals sold at Système U, Monoprix and Auchan.

Products whose nutri-score has gone from C to D: Profiterole with Carrefour chocolate, Profiterole Auchan, Kit Taco Shell Old El Paso, Profiterole U, Biscuit Pause Thé P’tit Déli, Tiramisu with Carrefour coffee , the Tiramisu Bon appetit! (Carrefour), Tiramisu mascarpone Pâturages (Intermarché), Tiramisu Milsa our gourmet creations (Aldi), Tiramisu mascarpone Netto, Tiramisu lemon Auchan, Tiramisu limoncello U flavors, and Tiramisu lemon Auchan.

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