Video test – MG Marvel R Performance: three engines and a gearbox in an electric SUV!

More punchy and luxuriously equipped, does the MG Marvel R electric SUV with all-wheel drive deserve to be attached to it in view of its price, which is significantly higher than the powered version? Maxime Fontanier took the machine on German roads to find out.

Same battery 70 kWh

Under the bosom of the Chinese group SAIC, the brand of British origin classifies on its website the Performance version of the Marvel R as a superior finish, specifying that it provides integral motor skills and a Bose audio system with 9 speakers. in addition to the Luxury equipment. We had already tried the latter, equipped at the rear with 2 permanent magnet synchronous motors capable of jointly delivering 132 kW (180 hp) for a torque of 410 Nm.

Eliminating the frunk under the bonnet, a third block located at the front allows the figures to increase: 212 kW (288 hp) and 665 Nm. Thus, the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h can be concluded in 4, 9 seconds (7.9 s for the propulsions), before hoping to caress the common top speed limited to 200 km/h.

With two or four wheel drive, the MG Marvel R receive an NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) lithium-ion battery with a useful energy capacity of 65 kWh out of a total of 70. It is made up of CATL cells.

Presentation of the exterior

If the MG Marvel R can appear imposing, with a height of 1.62 m, it is more because of its width (1.92 m) than its length (4.67 m). These dimensions bring it closer, for example, to the Skoda Enyaq (4.649 x 1.879 x 1.616 m), Ford Mustang Mach-E (4.713 x 1.930 x 1.624 m), Mercedes EQA (4.684 x ​​1.834 x 1.667 m) and Aiways U5 (4.680 x 1,865 x 1,700m).

Currently, the Sino-British electric SUV is only offered in two colors: Black Pebble, or, like the model tested, Blue Prism. Also expected to be available soon is cumulus white, and two shades of gray (Béton, and Night Watch). The machine is based on 19-inch wheels fitted with Michelin Primacy 4 tires in 235/45 as standard.

The face is illuminated by means of Full LED blocks with fog lamps integrated into the shield. The rear is barred with a strip of lights ” which is reminiscent of the most prestigious German SUVs “, compares Maxime Fontanier. The large panoramic sunroof, combined with light upholstery, provides a beautiful light on board when the awning is not drawn.

In back

Behind the tailgate which opens electrically with the remote control, the trunk appears very small with its 357 liters without false bottom. For comparison, it’s only 19 l more than on a Renault Zoé. On the Marvel R, by folding the backrest in two parts and without the bench seat’s ski hatch, the volume is increased to 1,396 litres.

MG probably wanted to focus on the well-being of passengers in the back. Comfortable, the span for 3 real seats, offers a seat that is long enough and high enough on a perfectly flat floor. Between the chaplains stretched over the backs of the front seats, and the bins in the door panels, there is no shortage of storage space.

Travelers glued to the ends will appreciate the padded door tops and the large tinted windows that drop down completely. The luxury effect is accentuated by the quality of the upholstery and the brushed aluminum inlays. For comfort: two ventilation nozzles and two USB sockets.

The driver’s point of view

What stands out and sits at the front of the Marvel R is the floating center console with 14-inch digital and touchscreen. If the latter presents very well, it inherits the defects of the other models in the MG catalog: lack of dynamism and slab which struggles to react under the fingers of the driver.

You have to press the keys well and there is a latency time confirms Maxime Fontanier. ” It’s a shame that it’s not more responsive, because it looks pretty good and the general ergonomics are pretty good “, he weighs. Apple CarPlay works by plugging a cable into one of the USB sockets stashed behind the screen.

Under the latter, the wheel that acts as a drive selector is flanked by 2 buttons: on the left to intervene on the driving modes (Eco, Winter, Normal, Sport and Sport+), on the right to adjust the regeneration power ( three levels). The steering wheel also has, on its horizontal branches, different action keys. Behind him, the very readable digital display also accommodates the GPS display.

Before hitting the road

The driver and the passenger seated to his right have, in terms of storage, cup holders, a small compartment under the fixed central armrest with two flaps, a glove box with felt and bins in the door trims . They have access to an induction charger for smartphones, two USB sockets and a third for 12 V.

Our tester journalist was won over by the finish of the Marvel R with many padded areas, the brushed aluminum inlays at the front too. But also by the resumption of images from the reversing camera on the big screen. In addition, thanks to the well-sized windows, visibility to the outside is naturally very good. With its 11.5 m, the turning circle can be described as correct for the size of the vehicle.

Before hitting the road, the man with the cap warns: ” You should know that this car beeps a lot. The driving aids are a little too sensitive. It is better to cut them or put them in low mode. Otherwise the car will beep for a yes or a no and make incessant course corrections “.

First laps

Regenerative braking can be improved. Even at level 3, it is not very pronounced, and the difference between the three modes is not very strong “. This translates into a feeling of softness at the level of the brake pedal which will often be used. Available as standard, the active cruise control allows you to move forward smoothly in traffic jams.

Devoid of controlled suspensions, the MG Marvel R correctly filters out speed bumps and road imperfections at moderate speeds in town. In this he ” is much less firm than a Tesla Model Y where you will be less well seated in the back “. Choosing the Eco driving mode does not deprive of good acceleration.

Like the Porsche Taycan, the electric car we are testing has an original two-speed transmission: “ It will go into first gear from 0 to 80 or 90 km/h. There, she will shoot short: we will have juice. And then she will put the overdrive to be able to evolve on fast lanes “. In town, the width of the trendy SUV, and its rims very exposed to the sidewalks, are minuses.

Small winding roads

By jostling it on small winding roads, the MG Marvel R, which took 110 kg (1,920 kg in total) by adopting the third electric motor, will reveal its bias. He prioritizes safety over sportiness: “ We feel that the ESP will restrain the vehicle. It intervenes upstream. Before the car slides, it will begin to brake the wheels. An athlete will find it too interventionist. But from a security point of view, it’s pretty good. “.

Body roll and flutter in tight corners remain moderate. ” It drives very well in the dry. But it would be nice if the steering were more precise, especially at the midpoint where there is a lack of consistency. “. In emergency braking, the ABS makes itself heard. The distance on dry ground is correct.

Note that this electric SUV can tow a trailer up to 750 kg, braked or not. He ” benefits from a 4-wheel drive mode which allows the differential to be locked and therefore to be in 50/50 to evolve on loose surfaces when necessary, such as on snow, for example adds Maxime Fontanier.

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Video test – MG Marvel R Performance: three engines and a gearbox in an electric SUV!

On the highway

We accelerate fully. It works very well up to 130. Above 150 km/h, it has trouble reaching the 200 km/h top speed because we are in second overdrive gear “, testifies the journalist videographer.

His opinion on the driving aids available in the MG Marvel R is rather mixed: “ It works and brings a real more security. But it is not always of great finesse in terms of intervention on the steering wheel to maintain the line. The car tends to stay quite far from the one in front, even if you set the active cruise control as close as possible. All these aids are standard, from the entry-level model “.

Thanks to the laminated glazing, the soundproofing is excellent up to 115 km/h. Even at 130, it’s still quite reasonable. On the other hand, at very high speed, like 180 or 200, I can have a nightingale at the level of the windows. It is an inconstant phenomenon “.


For its Marvel R Performance, MG communicates on an average consumption of 20.9 kWh / 100 km, for a WLTP autonomy in the combined cycle of 370 km. For comparison, in propulsion version, the figures are 19.4 kWh/100 km for 402 km of range. Maxime Fontanier obtained 20 kWh/100 km, against 18 with the 2-wheel drive version.

On the motorway, it communicates the following figures recorded by 16° C outdoors: 25 kWh/100 km at 130 km/h; 30 kWh at 140-150 meter at cruise control. In these conditions, ” with a 70 kWh battery, you don’t get very far. If you drive hard, you will have to stop every 200-220 km. If you are on cruise control at 120 km/h, you will perhaps do 250 km. And on a daily basis, by driving in an urban area, without playing nags, you can get 300 km “.

In direct current, the 92 kW of recharging power will result in a waiting time of around forty minutes to recover 80% of energy in the battery. Against 5 to 10 minutes less with competing models. For AC terminals, this electric SUV has an 11 kW charger.


If the MG Marvel R is not the champion of recharging and autonomy, on the other hand, in terms of price / services, price / equipment, it is unbeatable », assures Maxime Fontanier. The performance version is 49,990 euros, or 47,990 euros by deducting the bonus of 2,000 euros for the benefit of individuals.

For comparison, in Luxury finish, the rear-wheel-drive model starts at 46,990 euros, or 40,990 euros by deducting the 6,000 euros for the lower portion of government aid. Which then gives all the same on arrival a difference of 7,000 euros. And even 10,000 euros, a price of 37,990 euros, if we can settle for the entry level.

I recommend the basic model with the two motors at the rear “, concludes the specialized journalist. As a reminder, the Marvel R are guaranteed for 7 years or 150,000 km. The prices announced in this article are those indicated on October 22, 2022 on the MG website.

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