Fnac withdraws from sale a board game on “antifas”, and it does not pass

Capture Fnac Fnac withdraws from sale a board game on “antifas”, and it does not pass

Capture Fnac

Fnac withdraws from sale a board game on “antifas”, and it does not pass

CONTROVERSY – Fnac is under fire from critics. In question, the outcry aroused by the presence of a board game on “antifas” in its catalog, then that caused by its withdrawal, announced Sunday, November 27. The chain of stores was effectively challenged during the weekend by a union of police commissioners and several elected officials and far-right activists who demanded the withdrawal from its site of a card game in which players are offered to animate a fictional anti-fascist group.

“This ‘game’ is on sale at Fnac. A comment to thus highlight the antifas, which break, set fire to and attack in the demonstrations? » denounced the SCPN in a tweet.

Before that, the controversy had been launched on social networks by the far right, and in particular the deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas, who recently made the news with his temporary exclusion from the National Assembly. As a reminder, he had shouted “Let him return to Africa” to his colleague LFI Carlos Martens Bilongo when the latter spoke about the situation of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.

This time, on Twitter, he gave, Friday, November 25, examples of what the game would allegedly offer players as options: “Case 1: ‘I’m blocking a university’; Case 2: ‘I beat up a right-wing activist’; Box 3: ‘I am attacking an RN meeting’; Box 4: ‘I am throwing a Molotov cocktail at the CRS’”. And to add: “Fnac, aren’t you ashamed? »

Fnac withdraws the game… on the basis of false information?

“We understand that the marketing of this ‘game’ may have offended some of our audiences. We are doing what is necessary so that it will no longer be available in the next few hours”, eventually tweeted the company’s official Twitter account, in response to the SCPN post. Published by Libertalia editions and on sale since November 10, Antifa, the gamewas thus no longer accessible on the Fnac site on Sunday evening, note BFM TV.

Except that, as the journalist from Mediapart Mickaël Correia, the boxes mentioned by the deputy never existed. And for good reason: it is a card game.

The Libertaria editions thus denounce a withdrawal on the basis false allegations emanating from the extreme right, then from the forces of repression “.

Internet users denounce the double standard of Fnac

Above all, this backpedaling by Fnac has angered many Internet users, who recall that the company has other products in its catalog which, too, can ” bump into some of [leurs] public “.

You’re selling that book that inspired Brenton Tarrant to commit a racist mass shooting in New Zealand, are you going to censor it too? “, asks for example the organization Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieue about the “Great replacement” of Renaud Camus. This text had indeed inspired the Christchurch terrorist in 2019, the man who killed 51 people in the attack on two mosques with weapons of war.

“Remember that FNAC sells Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (original and translated version), and The Great Replacement by Renaud Camus. But at least she just withdrew from sale Antifa: the gamewho ” may have offended some of their audience »denounces another Internet user.

Anti-Semitism, negationism and disinformation

So you can withdraw a product in less than 24 hours. However, it has been three years since you were informed of a book capable of killing people, according to which HIV is explained by the consumption of pizzas and AIDS is cured by fasting and the refusal of all medication. “, storms a collective that informs about the dangers of certain pseudoscientific alternatives in terms of health and well-being.

A journalist from Release and Street Press further notes that a book by Hervé Ryssen, a notorious French anti-Semite and Holocaust denier ” who did prison for his apology of hatred is present on the Spanish Fnac website. Just like works by the multi-convicted Alain Soral.

The controversy has swelled so much that on Twitter, 32,475 tweets were published about the sign in 24 hours, ” i.e. 12 times more than the usual activity around the brand “, notes the Visibrain monitoring platform on November 28. The sign that having yielded to the sirens of some, the brand has in reality surely given birth to a ” Streisand effect and therefore offered visibility to the board game.

Antifa, the gameis a card game created by La Horde, an anti-fascist site. “Initially used as a training tool for more than two years, the game was finally published in September 2021 by Libertalia editions”can we read on their website.

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