“Disorders”, “The world of tomorrow”, “The Staircase”… What series are we watching in October?

Back to school is already a distant memory. The temperatures are falling, the night begins much earlier… in short, autumn is setting in. And with it comes the desire to stay on the sofa with a good series to watch. That turns out well ! If you like court series and miscellaneous facts, music, fantasy or if you always look forward to Halloween, we have a program that should please you!

“Disorders”, the first series by Florence Foresti

The fans are impatient! The favorite humorist of the French unveils his very first series. Florence Foresti wrote and directed Orders which tells the underside of his “real” life, off stage: his daily life as a public figure, funny but anxious, his relations with his agent, his friends, his life as a separated mother… So many sequences which promise funny moments and quirky, as the comedian knows so well how to do in his shows. At his side, a great troupe of actors, not necessarily very well known to the general public, like the comedian Béatrice Facquer, who plays his agent and who was spotted in a theater by Florence Foresti. And then expected appearances like those of Baptiste Lecaplain and Audrey Lamy.

“Disorders”, October 3 on Canal +

“The world of tomorrow”, the award-winning series on the origins of French rap

NTM, one of the pioneering groups of French rap, is on the rise and has become a cultural benchmark in France. Documentaries, film (Supremes by Audrey Estrougo released in 2021) and now series. The world of tomorrow looks back at the beginnings of the group from Seine-Saint-Denis led by Kool Shen and Joey Starr and the careers of graffiti artist Lady V and DJ Dee Nasty. A dive into the 80s and the birth of a fundamental movement, hip-hop, which will change the codes of society. Dance, music, graffiti, this generational movement born in the cities will gradually affect all layers of society, until it becomes a major and global artistic movement. The world of tomorrow received the Grand Jury Prize at the last festival Mania Series.

“The world of tomorrow” in full on Arte.tv from October 10 to November 16, 2022. On Arte on Thursdays October 20 and 27, 2022 at 8:55 p.m.

“Notre-Dame, the part of the fire”, closer to the witnesses of the fire

A look back at this night in April 2019, the night of the Notre-Dame de Paris fire. Netflix presents a mini-series in six episodes where big and small stories, destinies intersect. Inspired by testimonials from firefighters present that day, the series reveals the point of view of several protagonists in the four corners of Paris during this night like no other. Notre-Dame, the part of the fire is notably based on the book The Night of Notre Dame (Editions Grasset) written by the Paris fire brigade and Romain Gubert. Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust or Alice Isaaz are part of this gallery of characters whose lives will be turned upside down.

“Notre-Dame, the part of the fire”, October 19 on Netflix

“The Staircase”, Colin Firth in the legal storm

Colin Firth, Toni Colette, Juliette Binoche… Casting 5 stars for The Staircase, this new judicial mini-series on one of the most resounding cases of this beginning of the century, the case of Michael Peterson, this American writer condemned for the murder of his wife Kathleen. On December 9, 2001, he called for help after finding his wife dead at the bottom of a staircase in their house. He was sentenced to life in 2003, but the case did not end there. Spectators already followed in 2004 suspicions, a documentary film directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, which reveals the course of the trial and behind the scenes. In this 8-episode mini-series directed by Antonio Campos, we dive into the case and follow the upheavals caused by the arrival of the documentary film crew.

“The Staircase”, October 13 on Canal +

“Candy: Murder in Texas”, Jessica Biel unrecognizable

Miscellaneous facts inspired by true stories and resounding trials are popular on the platforms, here is another example. With Candy: Murder in Texas, we dive into the Texas of the early 80s. Candy Montgomery, an apparently uneventful American housewife, is accused of the very bloody murder (41 ax blows!) of her neighbor, friend and incidentally wife of her lover. It is Jessica Biel who interprets the main role of this mini-series of 5 episodes and who is also the executive producer. With short and curly hair, disturbing in this role of mother at home, the actress, revealed to the general public by the series seven at home and seen from in particular in The Sinneris unrecognizable.

“Candy: Murder in Texas”, October 12 on Disney +

“Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne”, welcome to a parallel reality

We leave the murders and the trials for a dive into the fantastic alongside the talented Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays the main role of this science fiction series, adaptation of the novel Peripheral devices (Ed. Diable Vauvert) by William Gibson, one of the leaders of the cyberpunk movement. In a rural, ramshackle America of the near future, Flynne Fisher lives by competing in video game and virtual reality tournaments for wealthy patrons. One day, she is offered a special connection, to a “peripheral”, which transports her to a very real post-apocalyptic London. This reality has not yet taken place but it offers him the vision of a world plunged into chaos. Reality or fiction, world ravaged by various cataclysms, fans of the genre will find themselves there!

“Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne”, Amazon Prime October 21

“Shantaram”, on the road to redemption

Another expected adaptation, Shantaram arrives this fall on Apple TV+. Shantaram, it is first an autobiographical novel by Gregory David Roberts published in 2003 (Ed. Flammarion). It recounts the escape from prison of an Australian in the early 80s who flees to India and intends to disappear in the sprawling city of Bombay. In the series, it’s Charlie Hunnam (revealed by Sons of Anarchy) who takes on the main role. Alone in this unknown city, he will get lost and perhaps find himself there.

“Shantaram,” Apple TV October 14

“The Cabinet of Curiosities”, horror according to Guillermo del Toro

Who says October of course says Halloween, so what would this selection be without a touch of horror? And it is a master of the fantastic who is talking about him this month, the Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The shape of water…). He has teamed up with Netflix to produce a horror anthology, The Cabinet of Curiosities. Eight horror tales, two of which are original stories by the filmmaker. Sensitive souls abstain, of course. The others have already found their perfect Halloween party.

“The Cabinet of Curiosities”, October 25 on Netflix

“The Walking Dead, final season part 3”, the end of a cult series

We remain in the Halloween atmosphere to complete this selection of series not to be missed in October, with a highly anticipated finale, that of the cult series The Walking Dead. Since its launch in 2010, the series inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comics has reached new heights and won millions of fans around the world. Part 3 of season 11, the last, is therefore revealed from October 3. To avoid spoilers and leave the suspense intact, we will just say that The Walking Dead bows out in blood and tears!

“The Walking Dead, final season part 3”, October 3 on OCS

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