Wolff confirms ‘massive’ budget overrun for Red Bull and tackles Horner

According to Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff, a Formula 1 team was overtaking “massively” the budget cap in 2021 and he tackles the answer given in the media by Christian Horner a few hours ago.

Two F1 teams are potentially in breach of regulations which imposed a $145m limit on their spending last year. Red Bull is one of them, Aston Martin F1 too.

Wolff said it was “funny that Christian says there’s nothing major because they’ve been under investigation for weeks and months so maybe he’s not talking to his CFO In fact, we were all investigated, diligently.”

“As far as we know, there’s a minor infraction team that’s more procedural (Aston Martin), and another team that’s fundamentally, massively overspending and still under scrutiny. So that’s a open secret in the paddock.”

A minor overrun according to the FIA ​​but with major consequences according to Wolff

As for what punishment Mercedes feels is fair if Red Bull is found guilty of such misconduct, Wolff pauses but implies that the massive benefit of those extra millions cannot go unpunished or punished too lightly. He explains it.

“I don’t know. I think there is governance in place which is very strong, which the FIA ​​has put in place. Each team will be given a certificate of compliance and if you are not compliant it is passed on. to the cost cap arbitration panel with independent adjudicators, and they can then choose from sanctions that are appropriate.”

“But the crucial part is, if you’re on top in 2021, then you’re on top in 2022. That means you have an advantage in 2023. If it’s true that they designed a lightweight chassis this year, they could use it next year, so it’s really a cascade of events that can influence all three championships.”

“It’s a hugely important issue. If you’re spending 5% or 10% more than everyone else, that’s many, many tenths of a second.”

“On our side we have a car that is over 10 kilos too heavy but we don’t have the funds to reduce that. We are using more and more used parts. We are not using as many new parts as we want. , we are not developing what we could develop. We have laid off more than 40 people, who our organization misses a lot.”

“It was a huge project, it’s gigantic to make an F1 like that, I don’t know how many tens of millions we had to restructure, reprocess, in order to be below the ceiling and, if someone doesn’t didn’t do it well or pushed the envelope, every million is a huge disadvantage.”

“It’s not for me to judge, and it’s not for me to judge what the penalties might be. The judges have all the latitude to analyze, but I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes because of the impact that this has over three years.”

“At this stage, it is still an assessment of what is happening. I think it would be important to have some degree of transparency where the alleged violations have occurred, or the alleged misinterpretations have been so we can assess them, because you have to imagine that even if the overrun is less than 5%, it’s still $7 million more than everyone else.”

“That means if there’s a light penalty, we’ll use all that extra 5% in the future.”

To note : The FIA ​​is expected to make a communication on this case on Monday according to the latest information from the paddock in Singapore, while the full reports for the F1 teams should be available on Wednesday, probably with a more complete communication for the media.

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