The “Tom Thumb” of FCOSK 06 “magnificent” but beaten by Angers

How do you recognize a sign of respect from your opponent? A guard of honor at the exit of the field, warm handshakes, exchanges of jerseys, congratulations… Yes maybe, but not only. Fans of FC Olympique Strasbourg Koenigshoffen (FCOSK) 1906 especially got it on the field, this famous mark.

Near their corner post, where the professional players of Angers, who are used to playing five divisions higher, have holed up for almost all the last minutes. Out of fear. By calculation. Out of esteem therefore also for these Alsatians from Regional 1 (6th division) who had caused them so many cold sweats all evening.

“I think we missed six or seven minutes to equalize at 1-1 and go to penalties,” said defender Alexis Mouakit a little later. Slipping in passing that “even Angevin players told us that they had been hot”. Not because of the temperature, which was negative last night at La Meinau, but because of this incredible, uninhibited “group of friends”.

Well, not during the first quarter of an hour. In the den of Racing, the players of the now ex-“Petit Poucet” of the Coupe de France were first impressed. It’s not every day that they are supported by 18,000 people, rather a hundred usually! “It’s true, our legs were a little shaky at the start”, continues the rock of “06”, not far from scoring just before the break when the ball was perfectly served to him for a header. “But I don’t see it badly coming and I hit it badly…”

“It will remain engraved for a very long time”

Too bad because that would certainly have changed everything. At that time, the SCO was leading 1-0, having taken full advantage of their opponent’s sluggish start. Blazic had first found the post (14th) before adjusting almost in stride, still following a corner (0-1, 16th). And five minutes later, Sima could have dampened the atmosphere a little more if the ball had not found the bar (21st). Angers mastered and headed straight for an easy qualification.

But the FCOSK 06 did not climb to the round of 16 for nothing. He has impressive defensive rigor and some very talented players. Loumouamou Ngobouma (27th) and Cherief (29th) quickly called him back before Tine rocked the whole stadium on a poorly concluded 35-meter breakthrough (36th). Like all the other great opportunities for Strasbourg the rest of the night…

“We played the match we expected by defending well and taking advantage of any opportunities we might have. Unfortunately, we lacked success and realism”, summarizes Amar Ferdjani, without wanting to speak of “eternal regrets”. “No, because the boys had a great game and I’m proud of what they produced on and off the pitch. They dispersed values ​​and gathering so many supporters, it’s beautiful. All of that will stick around for a very long time. We’ll talk about it again in fifteen years, I hope over a meal. »

The Angers players showed a lot of respect to the FCOSK 06 fans at the end of the game. Nice picture. – F. FLORIN

For the moment, some of his players still had a little trouble digesting. Frustrated to have come so close to a new feat after the one achieved against Clermont two weeks ago (0-0, 4-3 on penalties). “We have very big regrets with these fifteen missed minutes that we paid cash”, explains goalkeeper Corentin Schmittheisler. “We say to ourselves that there was room… I am sad,” adds his partner Alexis Mouakit. The two recover quickly. “It was still a kiff to live all that. We competed with two Ligue 1 teams, it’s magnificent. »

For the group but also for a club born from a merger in 2020 and still under construction. This superb course could contribute to accelerating its development. “It was a bet to come here and we knew that from 10,000 spectators, it was only a bonus. So with nearly 19,000 (18,505 officially), we feel something wonderful. As if a dream had already come true. Another may be waiting for FC Strasbourg Koenigshoffen 1906 at the end of the season: the rise to National 3, the main objective of an already unforgettable season.

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