World Cup 2022: Japan scuttled against Costa Rica after a sad show!

The second day of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup continued, this Sunday at 11 a.m., with a group E poster. After its surprise victory against Germany (2-1), Japan could become the second qualified country for the round of 16, after France, in case of victory. Opposed to Costa Rica, swept from the start by Spain (0-7), Hajime Moriyasu’s men thus presented themselves in a 4-2-3-1 with Soma, Doan and Ueda, substitutes against the Germans, on the front of the attack. For his part, Luis Fernando Suarez opted for a 5-4-1 and made two changes from the debacle experienced against La Roja. Preferred to Martinez, Waston started at right-back. For his part, Torres replaced Bennette in the midfield.

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At the Ahmed-Ben Ali Stadium in Al-Rayyan, the start of the match offered a globally balanced spectacle. If Ueda was very close to taking a first corner (2nd), Campbell answered with a superb number to undermine the Japanese defense (5th). Very active in the first moments, the Costa Rican striker, who worked for Arsenal, also showed all his determination and wore his own. Gradually, the Blue Samurai took control of operations and were insistent. A domination proving to be relatively sterile against the Ticos, well organized defensively. In a very dull opposition, poor in occasions where neither Navas nor Gonda were really worried (no shot on target in the first act), the two formations logically neutralized each other at the break.

Costa Rica remains alive despite a poor performance!

Upon returning from the locker room, Hajime Moriyasu logically made some changes to get Japan out of this torpor. Instead of Ueda and Nagatomo, Asano and Hiroki Ito appeared. Active from the start, Asano found Morita and the latter forced Navas into a superb save (46′). Much sharper offensively, the Japanese selection increased its pressure on the goals of the Parisian goalkeeper. In vain. Faced with harmless but valiant Ticos, the Japanese lacked technical accuracy in the last gesture, like this strike from Soma which largely fled the Costa Rican frame (57th) or these too imprecise free kicks (62nd, 72nd).

Held in check at the start of the last quarter of an hour, Japan continued to monopolize the leather but finally cracked to everyone’s surprise. Taking advantage of Yoshida’s poor placement and a very questionable intervention by Gonda, Fuller opened the scoring with a curled left (1-0, 81st). Decisive on their first shot on target, Costa Rica held firm, like this final parade by Navas against Kamada (88th). With this sad defeat, Hajime Moriyasu’s men remain in second place in Group E awaiting the clash between Spain and Germany, this Sunday at 8 p.m. Less attractive than against the Germans, the Japanese selection still retains its chances of joining the round of 16 of the competition. For its part, Costa Rica, third in the group, is recovering completely.

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The official line-ups at kick-off

Japan XI

Costa Rica XI

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