Fanny is free, Elise understands that Sofia has trapped her – Un si grand soleil November 7, 2022 (episode 1012)

Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 5 in advance episode 1012 of Monday November 7, 2022 on France 2 with New TV. Elise continues to see Fanny. Sofia admits to her ex that she followed her. Thaïs can finally see her father freely. Alix is ​​in trouble.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil of 11/07/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the day’s episode 1011. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Virgile didn’t expect a lifted Alix at breakfast

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 1012 broadcast on France 2 on Monday November 7, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episode 1011 is online. offers you the full summary to read below:

Damien had a debt of 50,000 euros, the man came to put pressure on him…but he died with a sudden blow. He says he acted reflexively to disguise the murder as suicide. He acted on behalf of Lozac.

Fanny and Anthony have been exonerated. Anthony’s judicial review is lifted. Thaïs realizes that she didn’t know much about Damien. Florent is happy that everything ends well for Thaïs, Kira’s best friend.

Alix reads the Midi Libre newspaper, she says that her talent and seriousness are called into question in an article. Alix gets angry, Virgile (played by Fred Bianconi) does not understand everything!

Sofia such a big sun

Sofia spins since her breakup with Elise

Alix is ​​angry with Brénas for having told nonsense to the press. He says he got carried away and embellished things. Alix judges Brénas as a mythomaniac, she is afraid that the authentication of the paintings will be called into question.

bloom such a big sun

Florent and Kira happy that Thaïs can find his father

Fanny is free, she calls Elise…she would like to spend an evening with her.

Elise agrees.

Johanna such a big sun

Johanna warn Guilhem that her wedding gift may be fake

Johanna tells Guilhem that the Midi Libre journalist thinks the canvas he bought for Sylvie might be a fake.

It’s time for Thais and Anthony to reunite at the restaurant…and this time they have the right to be together. It’s happiness.

Elise receives a call from Sofia, she offers her dinner with Charlie. Elise tells her that she must see Fanny.
Sofia gets angry and tells Elise that she knows she left her for Fanny and confesses to her that she saw them snogging.
Elise can’t believe that Sofia followed her.

Cecile such a big sun

Cécile loves her Brénas canvas, Christophe a little less if it’s fake

Cécile doesn’t care if the painting is a fake because she loves it. Christophe does not appreciate being ripped off. Cécile puts it into perspective, for the moment there is only one press article and no investigation.

Fanny doesn’t understand how this cigarette butt got to Damien’s when she never came. Elise has a flash, she understands that Sofia must be behind this Machiavellian plan. Elise said nothing to Fanny.

Elise such a big sun

Elise and Fanny meet at the restaurant

Highlights Un si grand soleil November 7, 2022: what to remember

– Fanny and Thaïs’ father are free, the real culprit has been arrested
– Cécile, Christophe and Guilhem are afraid of having a fake painting by Brénas
– Elise doubts Sofia, she thinks she trapped Fanny with the cigarette butt
– Alix is ​​angry with Brénas for having played the mytho against Marc

To be continued on complete summary Such a great sun episode 1013 (season 5) from Tuesday November 8, 2022 on France 2.

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=> Malya Roman and Hubert Benhamdine are in a relationship : the characters of Elise and Christophe are in love in real life.

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