LIVE – Cristiano Ronaldo pays Manchester United: the Glazers, Neville … CR7 turns everyone on

And Gary Neville also takes it for his rank

In addition to Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo also settles accounts with Gary Neville, who regularly criticizes him on English TV sets. “It’s easy to criticize, but they only have one version, they don’t know the whole story, deplores CR7. (…) But they are not my friends. They have their job to do. TV, they have to criticize to be even more famous. I have a hard time understanding that.”

“The Glazers don’t care about the club,” says Ronaldo

New extract, new load. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo assures that the Glazers, who own Manchester United, “don’t care about the club”. The Portuguese specifies that he has never spoken to them since his return.

New Ronaldo revelations in another clip

In a new teaser of the shocking interview with Cristiano Ronaldo broadcast this Monday evening, CR7 makes additional revelations about his alleged mistreatment by the leaders of Manchester United, who would not have believed him when his little girl fell ill on Monday. last summer, a few weeks after the death of his twin brother at birth.

“I spoke with the director and the president of Manchester United and they did not believe that anything was wrong, which made me feel bad, explains the Portuguese. (…) And it t is something that really hurt me because they doubted my word that I had difficulties, especially for Bella (his daughter) and Geo (Georgina, his partner). hospital because Bella had a big problem and I didn’t make preseason because of that. I didn’t want to leave my family to do preseason because I thought it wasn’t fair. . That’s why I didn’t go.”

Manchester United’s first reaction to Ronaldo’s shock interview

The day after the virulent remarks made by Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan, Manchester United publicly reacted in a statement to say the least laconic.

“Manchester United take note of the media coverage regarding an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. The club will consider their response once all the facts have been established, say the Red Devils. We are focused on preparing for the second half of the season and about continuing the momentum, belief and unity that is built between players, manager, staff and fans.”

A fine of more than one million euros for Ronaldo, according to the English press

The day after the shock interview delivered by Cristiano Ronaldo, the leaders of Manchester United and Erik ten Hag held a crisis meeting. The first sanction is known according to the English press. Metro Sport indicates that CR7 should be fined one million pounds, or 1.14 million euros, for his comments to the club and its coach. A first measure followed by other announcements?

More information here.

“Cristiano asked me to do it”, Ronaldo is the instigator of his shock interview

Cristiano Ronaldo is at the origin of his shock interview, assured Piers Morgan, author of the famous interview. The journalist also confided that the Portuguese himself decided on the timing of his publication.

Piers Morgan’s explanations are here.

‘He ruined his legacy’, Manchester United fans anger after shocking Ronaldo interview

Cristiano Ronaldo’s crazy interview with journalist Piers Morgan, in which the Portuguese attacked Manchester United and Erik ten Hag in a very virulent way, did not please supporters of the English club at all. And they wanted to let it be known.

The anger of the Red Devils supporters is to be found here.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday between Manchester United leaders

According to information from the Telegraph, the club is “deeply disappointed” by the interview conducted by the Portuguese. United chose not to comment on Sunday night, keen not to distract from a win over Fulham which lifted the players’ spirits and which they believe showcased the spirit and cohesion of the team.

But talks will heat up on Monday as Erik Ten Hag, chief executive Richard Arnold and director of football John Murtough seek to find the best solution, together with co-chairman and owner Joel Glazer. The club will also be under pressure to take a tough stance, given some of Ronaldo’s allegations against the Red Devils.

Ronaldo turns on Rooney too

Cristiano Ronaldo also tackled Wayne Rooney, his former Manchester United team-mate, who recently criticized the Portuguese’s state of mind.

“I don’t know why he criticizes me so badly…probably because he’s finished his career and I’m still playing at a high level.” The Portuguese laughs then adds. “I’m not going to say that I’m more handsome than him. Which is true…”

All of Ronaldo’s attacks on Rooney here

Carragher pays himself Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarks against Erik ten Hag and Manchester United make Jamie Carragher, a former Liverpool defender now a consultant for Sky Sports, jump.

The latter sharply criticized the Portuguese, whom he often pinned to the point that the player refused him a handshake during a pre-match broadcast. Carragher’s last message is not going to fix their relationship.

99% of fans will side with Ten Hag

“Ronaldo: ‘I don’t respect the manager’, writes Carragher on his Twitter account. Ronaldo under Erik ten Hag: announced he wanted to leave, refused to substitute, left the bench and left before the end of the match 99% of United fans will be on Erik ten Hag’s side, which shows how badly Ronaldo handled this.”

More information here.

The players and ten Hag reassembled against Cristiano Ronaldo

According to information from Sky Sports, the dressing room of Manchester United would be extremely disappointed after the virulent interview of Cristiano Ronaldo against the club and his coach Erik ten Hag.

The club was unaware of the holding of this interview until the leak of the first passages on Sunday evening. The Red Devils are now considering all options on the future of their star, under contract until June 2023. The World Cup will provide time for reflection for English leaders just before the winter transfer window in January.

But the latter do not digest the lack of respect for them on the part of CR7. According to Sky Sports, Ronaldo was informed on Thursday that he would not start three days later for the trip to London to face Fulham there but that he would be called up with the team. The player would then have made it known that he was sick.

Ten Hag, the club, Rangnick… Cristiano Ronaldo drops his punches

The first excerpts from the interview

His future

“If they tried to force me to leave? Yes. Not only the coach but people from the club. I felt betrayed, says the former Real Madrid player. Maybe I shouldn’t say this but I don’t care, people need to hear the truth. Yes I feel betrayed and I have the feeling that some people don’t want me here, this season but also last season.”

Erik ten Hag

“I don’t have respect for him (Ten Hag) because he doesn’t show respect for me. If you don’t have respect for me, I’m not going to have respect for you.”

Ralf Rangnick

“Since Sir Alex Ferguson left there has been no development at the club, zero progression. For example the way a club like Manchester United fired Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) to bring in a sporting director like Ralf Rangnick. Nobody understood, he’s not even a coach. It surprised me but it surprised everyone. Nothing has changed. Neither the jacuzzi, nor the gym, certain elements of technology. .. not even the kitchen or the chef, a lovely person, continues Ronaldo. They stopped time, it surprised me a lot because I thought I would find different things there, new infrastructures. But unfortunately, I found things that I had already seen when I was 20-21 years old.”

On his return to Manchester United

“I followed my heart. Sir Alex said to me: ‘It’s impossible for you to go to Manchester City’. And I said: ‘Ok boss’.”

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Welcome to our live dedicated to the virulent interview given by Cristiano Ronaldo to English journalist Piers Morgan on Talk TV. It will be broadcast in full on this media on Wednesday and Thursday but the first extracts leaked on Sunday and the Portuguese does not mince his words against Erik ten Hag, his manager, and the club.

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