LIVE – Trial of Benjamin Mendy: the terrible testimony of the 2nd complainant, who accuses Mendy of rape

Mendy’s attorney questions complainant about her drinking

“I had been drinking but I was not drunk”, assures the complainant, who specifies having had a few drinks at the bar before accepting the invitation to the player’s home.

“It’s the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to me”

“I had the feeling of not having a choice and of not being able to go out”, specifies the complainant when explaining why she finally undressed at the request of Benjamin Mendy, when he demanded to see her naked to give her back her phone. The Complainant burst into tears saying that was when she realized she was stuck in the room.

The complainant maintains her version of the assault. “It only stopped after it went too far,” she insists, when the lawyer speculates that it didn’t go as far as penetration.

The lawyer also questions the sentence that Mendy would have pronounced to the complainant about the “10,000 women” with whom he would have said to have slept. The plaintiff maintains: “I am absolutely sure”. “It’s the most traumatic thing that has happened to me,” insists the complainant.

“I was in shock, I was not able to formulate the fact that I had been raped”, justifies the complainant when specifying the circumstances of her exchange with her friend, to whom she asked to be able to leave after his alleged assault.

Complainant maintains bedroom door was fingerprinted

Mendy’s lawyer questions the hypothesis of the opening of the door of Mendy’s room by fingerprints but the complainant maintains her version.

She says she went upstairs to retrieve her phone, which Mendy had taken. She says she saw Mendy checking her photos on her phone. She clarifies that her phone was not locked because she did not expect it to be taken by anyone else. She claims not to have given the password to Mendy. She confirms that there were indeed sexy photos of her on her phone but specifies that the images were not of a sexual nature. She clarifies that initially she wanted to show Mendy that she hadn’t taken pictures of him or his home.

Complainant says she didn’t want to follow Mendy upstairs

Mendy’s lawyer suggests that the complainant agreed to follow the player upstairs. The plaintiff answers no.

The cross-examination focuses on the meeting between the complainant and Mendy

Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer endeavors to clarify the circumstances of the meeting between the complainant and the player.

The lawyer cites a message sent by the complainant to a friend in which she said: “we are sitting with football players”. The complainant specifies that she was referring to Jesse Lingard, who was also in the bar in question.

The attorney then quotes another post from the plaintiff in which she said, “Listen, if I’m ever going to get pregnant, it’ll be tonight.” The complainant specifies that it was a joke addressed to her “best friend”.

She confirms that it was Louis Saha Matturie, the co-defendant, who invited her and her friends to Mendy’s home. She says wondered as she was working the next day but agreed.

Resumption of hearing

Make way for the cross-examination of the complainant, whose statement to the police was seen on video in the morning. The woman is hidden from the room by a curtain: Benjamin Mendy therefore cannot see her.

Mendy allegedly contacted the complainant on Snapchat the day after the alleged assault

The complainant says Mendy messaged her on Snapchat the next day: a series of question marks. She said she wondered how he had done it since she hadn’t added it. She thinks Mendy added her when he took her phone at the party.

The plaintiff also says she received another Snapchat message from a man who was with Mendy at the bar the day before, who allegedly asked her, “Are you okay? Call me please, so we can talk.” She then says that she took screenshots of the messages before blocking the two accounts.

“I felt like it was the longest day of my life but it was maybe 15 minutes,” she said.

The complainant claims to have said no many times

Relaunched by the interrogator, the complainant confided that she felt “that things were not right” immediately after the alleged assault, specifying that she did not feel well about what had happened. “It drives me crazy to know how many times I’ve said no, she adds to the interviewer. And I didn’t just say no, I said ‘I don’t want to sleep with you’. It was very clear and it wasn’t heard. It couldn’t have been misinterpreted.”

“Don’t tell anyone”

The plaintiff then recounts that Mendy began to change, telling her, “Don’t tell anyone. And you can come here every night.” According to her, Mendy then came out of the pit. The complainant then said that she found her friend and asked her to leave.

The alleged victim adds that after the attack, Mendy would have gone to his kitchen and would have asked the chef “to cook him some food”.

Mendy says he ‘slept with 10,000 women’

Mendy said she sat down afterwards, telling her she was “too shy”. Complainant’s response to player: “I’m not shy, I just don’t want to sleep with you.” Mendy would then have boasted of having “slept with 10,000 women”.

The story of Mendy’s insistence and then the assault

The complainant states that Mendy again asked her to undress and then threw the phone on the bed. It was then that the player, according to her, threw her on the bed. She says she found herself “on all fours” (she reproduces the position after asking the interrogator if it was useful). “I really don’t want to sleep with you, I have to go,” she said repeatedly to Mendy, adding that Mendy was “pulling her butt towards him.”

The complainant says that Mendy told her “everything is fine, I’m just going to insert myself for a few minutes”. She says she tried everything to free herself but “it kept coming back”: “I was just wondering how I was going to be able to get out of here”. She specifies that Mendy began to penetrate her, the young woman then says that she repeated again that she did not want him. She then clarifies that Mendy asked her to put his penis in her mouth. She says she did it and then tried to take it off, telling him “I can’t”.

Door locked with Mendy’s fingerprints, complainant says

The complainant says she followed Mendy at the time in an attempt to retrieve her phone. She clarifies, as reported by the Manchester Evening News, that Mendy used her fingerprints to unlock the bedroom and enter it, before the door closed behind them.

“I want my phone, I don’t want to sleep with you, I just want to leave,” she said, telling Mendy, who reportedly replied, “the door is locked anyway.” The player would then have asked him to undress, saying: “I just want to look at you, I promise I won’t touch you”. The complainant says she again asked to leave. “I just want to watch you. You can’t leave anyway.”

The circumstances of the alleged assault

The scene dates back to October 2020. The complainant explains that she and friends met Mendy and others at a bar. They were then invited to the player’s home for a party.

On the spot, the complainant explains that Mendy took her phone while she was using it, he accused her of taking photos. He then took the phone upstairs.

Beginning of the broadcasting of the testimony of the second plaintiff

The testimony of the second plaintiff is broadcast in court. The woman, who accuses Benjamin Mendy of three rapes in the same evening, is present in court, where she will then respond to the cross-examination conducted by the player’s lawyer.

The hearing resumed with the reading of messages from the first plaintiff

After a reminder of the facts relating to the testimony of the first complainant on Wednesday, several messages from this alleged victim are read in court. They were exchanged between the complainant and a friend. In one of them, she declares: “I have just been sexually abused, if that is the term.” In the following message, she specifies: “By Mendy”.

She adds in other messages that her only possibility of leaving the place is to call a driver. “I can’t get over it,” she said in another message. “Honestly, it was a perfect night. The next morning he absolutely wanted me and I kept saying no.”

What to remember from the complainant’s first testimony

On Wednesday, the testimony of a first complainant was broadcast in court. The alleged victim accuses Benjamin Mendy of attempted rape in 2018.

>>> here is what to remember from his testimony

Delay due to strike

The hearing was delayed due to the train workers’ strike which affected the arrival of several people.

Resumption of trial imminent

Today’s hearing will concern the hearing of a second complainant, who accuses Benjamin Mendy of three rapes during an October 2020 evening.

This Thursday, a complainant will testify from the court

Following the trial of Benjamin Mendy this Thursday. With, from 11:30 a.m. (French time), the hearing of a complainant for acts of rape which date back to October 2020. This young woman accuses Benjamin Mendy of three different rapes. They would all have taken place on the same night.

The complainants’ hearings are held in chronological order.


The story of a first complainant

While waiting for the next testimonies from the plaintiffs, the court was able to view the video recording of the story made by a first alleged victim of Benjamin Mendy.

She notably revealed a sentence that the French would have slipped to her during a joint evening in October 2018. “When he will not look, I will kidnap you.” A sentence that she then took as a joke.

The key figures in the Mendy trial

The general public discovered the face of one of Benjamin Mendy’s alleged victims even in the early days of the trial. However, the 12 other plaintiffs have not yet spoken and remain anonymous, known only to justice.

Instead, several people already occupy a key position in this case, such as the prosecutor in charge of the prosecution and the two lawyers for Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie.

Louis Saha does not want to be confused with Louis Saha Matturie

In France, the passage of Benjamin Mendy in front of justice arouses a lot of curiosity and questions. But the footballer is not the only accused in this sad case.

Along with him, his friend Louis Saha Matturie is also being prosecuted. But beware, the co-defendant in the Mendy trial is not related to former Manchester United French footballer Louis Saha.

Hi there,

Started soon a little over a week ago, the trial of Benjamin Mendy continues before the Chester court. The 28-year-old French international is accused of eight rapes, one attempted rape and sexual assault by seven different women but denies all charges.

After the prosecutor’s opening statement describing the left side of Manchester City and the France team as a sexual predator, the trial saw a first complainant speak. Via a video recording, a first alleged victim told his version of the facts.

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