On Instagram, we offer you a Shein collab? It’s a scam

On Instagram, many users are accosted by others offering them to be Shein ambassadors, a nice scam.

You also receive strange messages by DM or email which supposedly come from the Shein site (formerly Sheinside)? Thousands of users have already been fooled by this popular scam on the web. Some, on Instagram, are even accosted by solicitors who offer them become Shein ambassadors.

Others have testified and say they are constantly tagged (mentioned) on Instagram stories, fake Shein promotions where you can become a brand ambassador AND receive bonus money. Focus on this scam that targets consumers of the Shein site, a scourge at the moment.

Instagram scam targets Shein consumers

As our colleagues from Capital report, a new scam is rampant on the web. The latter is well-oiled and targets consumers of the Chinese brand Shein. Yes, the one that makes its employees work in terrible conditions for a pittance.

The scammers operate a very vicious ploy to lure their victims: the promise of become a brand ambassador (a headliner, an influencer) and win 800 euro.

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Several methods used by scammers

Surfing on the desire of users to become stars of the web and on inflation, scammers have several ways of proceeding. In general :

  • Either we send you an email by offering you a collaboration with Shein.
  • Or else, we send you a message on Instagram to invite you to become a brand ambassador.
  • Either you are mentioned in story on an ad that promises you to become an ambassador and earn 800 euros.
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A link to click and money to pay

But be careful, it is indeed a scam, crooks pretending to be Shein. Indeed, while the so-called site contacts you, it therefore offers to become an ambassador and earn 800 euros by subscribing to an obscure subscription. To do this, you must therefore click on a link to access the registration. You see the eel under the rock.

By clicking on the booby-trapped link, the victim will not land at all on a page of the official site. But, either on a replica of the site, or on a completely different site that invites you to win a “ shein gift card“. In the second case, you have to answer a quiz and complete a mini-game in order to access the gift card.

EXCEPT: the site in question asks you to pay 2 euros to receive your card. Imagine thousands of people doing this and paying 2 euros. The scammers have hit the sweet spot. Especially since, thanks to this manoeuvre, they are now in possession of your bank details.

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Scam: a Shein subscription taken without your knowledge

That’s not all. If you pay, you actually agree to you subscribe to the “loyalty club” which costs more than 99 euros per month. A phishing campaign that is rampant on Instagram and continues to grow on the social network. Instagram has also been contacted about this, but the social network had to make sure that it was not really a Shein advertisement, but a scam. However, the Asian giant never responded to Instagram justification requests.

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