Massive recall in France: above all, do not consume this very popular food in the summer, dangerous contaminated with Listeria, it is Burrata

Last month, Le Gaulois brand chicken Chichis were subject to a product recall. Therefore, the government banned its consumption. It is now another product that the government is attacking. Indeed, this much-vaunted product would be contaminated with Listeria. As was the case for the Chichis.

Product recalls are heard a lot

Lately, product recalls have been getting louder. The government’s Rappel Conso site has just launched another alert. As often, it is a very popular product that is concerned. This product appears on the shelves of supermarkets mainly in summer.

It should be noted that last month, an alert was launched to prevent people from consuming a brand of Chichis of chicken. A contamination with Listeria was the cause. For information, Listeria is a bacterium that can cause serious health problems. Reason why the government defends the consumption of products affected by this bacterial agent.

Burrata Con Latte Di Bufala is infected with Listeria

This time, it is the Burrata which is called back urgently. This food product is very popular in several supermarkets in France. The Rappel Conso site informs consumers that this product is now prohibited for consumption. It would probably be contaminated with Listeria.

Once again, the French are called upon to be vigilant when they buy or consume. Burrata Con Latte Di Bufala is a product made by the famous Italian brand Giovanni Ferrari. It is sold in a 125g jar. Several supermarkets in France distribute it.

The barcode indicated on the product is GTIN 8001230018430. Batch numbers: from L22152 to L22169. Its expiry date is between June 29, 2022 and July 16, 2022.

An alert to prevent scandals

In the past, another contaminated product had a heavy toll. These are Buitoni’s pizzas. Contaminated by E-Coli bacteria, these have caused abdominal pain and diarrhea in some consumers. Deaths have even been deplored. They were two children. Their death occurred after they ate substantial portions of this food. It is therefore to avoid other scandals of this kind that the government site monitors food products.

The Burrata is distributed by brands such as Carrefour Market, Auchan, Casino or Cora. These supermarkets put it on their shelves on June 13, 2022. To date, La Burrata Giovanni Ferrari is the subject of a product recall. Product recalls are often prompted by contamination concerns. This is precisely the case of Burrata which would probably be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The latter leads to listeriosis and this can cause a dreadful disease.

It’s necessary to be vigilant

To know if you are suffering from listeriosis, you must be attentive to symptoms such as fever. Aches and headaches can also be part of the signs. Pregnant women should be very careful. They are among those at risk. Obviously, this disease can have serious consequences on their pregnancy.

That said, there could be neurological complications. Maternal or fetal damage can occur according to the government site. Also beware of the elderly and immunocompromised people. People who have already purchased this product are strongly advised not to consume it. They must throw it away or destroy it. Bringing the bag of Burrata back to its distributor is also an option. They can ask for reimbursement.

A customer service can be reached on 08 00 80 08 78. If the product has already been consumed, a doctor should be contacted quickly. This is to inform him of the consumption. Note that the incubation period for Listeria disease can be up to two months. It is also good to know that products infected with Listeria show no apparent signs. They look healthy. No change can be seen with the naked eye. Even the taste and smell seem normal.

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