Euromillions result (FDJ): the my million draw for Tuesday July 5, 2022

217 euros is the sum that the FDJ offers to win this Tuesday, July 5 with its famous Euromillions game. With such a gain, you could carry out a multitude of projects that are important to you. The purchase of one (or more) houses, the car of your dreams or even the possibility of quitting your job. Such a sum is enough to upset. But before making plans in the event of victory, you must succeed in selecting the seven correct numbers out of the 50 offered on the Euromillions grid. If statistically the chances are small, it is only by trying your luck that you can win the jackpot.

Euromillions winner: what is the result of the Euromillions tonight?

The draw for this Tuesday, July 5, 2022 allowed you to win the incredible sum of 217 million euros. On one condition: choose the five correct numbers as well as the two lucky numbers. If you have not selected all the right numbers, know that you will not leave empty-handed. Indeed, if for example you were only missing one or two numbers to win the sum put into play for this Euromillions draw, the FDJ will still grant you a financial reward. Obviously light years away from the jackpot, but that’s still good to know. To find out if you have won the 217 million euros at stake tonight, you must go to the official website of La Française des Jeux.

To replay and try your luck again at the Euromillions, just follow this link

Euromillions France: what numbers to play to win the Euromillions?

There is no miracle recipe for winning the Euromillions. This may be a dream, but by no means a goal. The chances of winning the jackpot are indeed far too slim. Every week, millions of players try their luck and the majority do not even manage to refund their ticket. It is therefore necessary to remain measured in relation to the chances of winning, on pain of being disappointed or even becoming addicted. But winners do exist and we are going to share with you different techniques to optimize your chances of winning. First, play the numbers between 32 and 50! They are often forgotten by players, who primarily play the numbers between 1 and 31. And this for a very simple reason: these are birthdays, which are often considered lucky numbers. Another tip to improve your chances of winning the jackpot: do not exceed 177. While having fun calculating the sum of the numbers played, statisticians have indeed noticed that it rarely exceeds 177.

How to check a Euromillions ticket?

You can verify your Euromillions ticket in different ways. First, you can go online. The results for My Million will be posted around 8:20 p.m. via the website or the mobile application. Regarding the Euromillions, you will have to wait until 9:45 p.m. All the draw information will then be accessible to you, so you can see if you have ticked the five correct numbers as well as the two lucky numbers. Another option to find out if you have won the Euromillions jackpot put into play by the FDJ: obtain the results of the draw by telephone. To do this, simply dial 3256 (0.35 euro including tax/min) or by texting “EUML” to 61 113 (0.35 euro including tax per message, excluding the cost of the SMS). If you had played on a paper ticket, you can go to a tobacconist. If you are not the lucky winner of the jackpot, you will have the opportunity to try your luck again next Friday !

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Euromillions result (FDJ): the my million draw for Tuesday July 5, 2022

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