NBA: Doncic still performs a miracle, Brooklyn takes on water

The results of the night in the NBA

[email protected] Pelicans : 102-113
Clippers @ mavs : 101-103
Knicks @ Jazz: 118-111
[email protected] Blazers : 110-117
Net @ Kings : 121-153

Podcast #64: Portland and Denver, candidates for the title?

Luka is magic, Batum shines at 3 pts

– The Mavs were very scared when receiving the Clippers. Dallas had a lead of up to 25 points before squandering this gain and leaving Paul George (23 pts) and co come back up in the money time.

When it comes to pulling the chestnuts out of the fire, Jason Kidd knows who to count on. While the two teams were tied (99-99) with 30 seconds remaining, Luka Doncic took out his magician’s wand to land an improbable and distant shot. The equivalent of a shot from 35 meters into the top corner just before the ball goes into touch…

The Slovenian again dominated this game offensively with 35 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists at 50% shooting.

– We found Nicholas Batum (22 pts) a little less bloody in attack at the start of the season. The captain of the Blues was very good and had a 3-point festival (7/7!) last night to contribute to the Clippers’ comeback. He found himself on the line on the very last possession, scored the first pitch, then missed the second on purpose without LA managing to get a shot behind.

Brooklyn takes a tidal wave…

Ben Simmons (11 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) has finally reached the 10-point mark in an NBA game for the Nets. The problem: Brooklyn was crushed in Sacramento by conceding 153 points in a meeting without overtime … After a period of improvement, especially defensive, which we believed in part linked to the absence of Kyrie Irving, the Nets fell violently back into their ways.

It was in the 2nd quarter that the Kings placed their effort with a 27-4 run in which Terence Davis (31 pts) did heavy damage, aided by Kevin Hurter (19 pts) and Domantas Sabonis (17 pts). Kevin Durant (27 pts) and his people have never been able to stop the Californian offensives. Sacramento is on a good dynamic with a 4th victory in a row and 8th place in the West.

Fans, who haven’t seen a playoff since 2006, would probably sign up for the season to end there…

– Portland alone took the lead in the Western Conference by winning against San Antonio while Denver was not playing. The Blazers had a hard time getting rid of the always valiant and interesting Spurs collectively. It wasn’t until the end of the game that Chauncey Billups’ men overthrew the Texans, thanks in particular to the X factor Devin Eubanks (+28 off the bench).

Jerami Grant (29 pts) was still very good at supporting Damian Lillard (22 pts, 11 wts) and Anfernee Simons (23 pts). Portland ruined the beautiful evening of Jakob Poeltl (31 pts), who broke his NBA points record by shooting at 14/17.

The Knicks welded, Fournier nailed to the bench

Julius Randle organized a dinner between players to remobilize everyone after several worrying matches. Good food and camaraderie have unsuspected virtues. The Knicks went to win on the Jazz floor to inflict a third straight loss on Utah, clearly falling into line after an idyllic start to the NBA season.

Tom Thibodeau has reduced his rotation to 11 players, unfortunately for Evan Fournier (DNP) and the Knicks gradually took over. Jalen Brunson (25 pts, 8 wts) and Cam Reddish (19 pts) were the bloodiest, but it was also the impact of the bench (39 pts) that was decisive. Obi Toppin (+23), jericho sims (11 pts, 13 rebounds) and Immanuel Quickley (13 pts, 4 stls) brought a nice boost.

Losing comeback for “JJJ”

Jaren Jackson Jr. made his first appearance of the season that night in the Grizzlies’ five. “JJJ” (7 pts, 6 rbds, 5 blks at 3/14) could not prevent Memphis, deprived of Desmond Bane for three weeks, from losing on the floor of the Pelicans. NOLA, however, played without Zion Williamson, spared due to foot pain, and left Ja Morant score 36 pts.

Fortunately, CJ McCollum (30 pts, 9 wt) had a good night after several complicated matches and his effort in the 3rd quarter made the difference.

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