The black anger of the Lakers

bullshit “, something ” unacceptable for Anthony Davis, “ ridiculous for LeBron James… The Lakers have no shortage of qualifiers to describe the very end of regulation time for their trip to Boston.

At 105 everywhere and 4 seconds to play, the “King” had the opportunity to offer victory to his team, on a left hand penetration. But Jayson Tatum decided otherwise by touching the left arm of the Lakers player who could not finish in the circle. Seeing his reaction – at first outraged towards the referees, he ended up with his knees on the floor and his head bowed – we quickly understood.

The officials missed the whistle. “ There was contact. At this point in the match, during the game, we did not see the fault. All three referees missed the action “, has also recognized Eric Lewis, the chief referee of the meeting.

Not really enough to console Californians, starting with the main interested party. ” It’s one of the best games we’ve played all year. And failing on the judgment or non-judgment of a third party is ridiculous “, Regrets LeBron James. “ I don’t understand, I don’t understand what’s going on. I watch basketball, games every day and I see that it does not happen to others. It’s just strange. »

The top scorer of the evening (41 points) remains more measured than his teammate Anthony Davis, very angry: “ I guarantee you that nothing will happen to the referees. We were frankly cheated tonight. The fault is obvious. LeBron gets his arm slapped. This is unacceptable. The referees were bad. “A choice of words that will earn him an inevitable fine from the league, while the famous referee report of the last two minutes should prove the Lakers right.

“The best player on the planet can’t get a whistle, it’s unbelievable”

I don’t want to see a new report. They can save it. It does no one any good “, reacts Darvin Ham, whose team has won several times in recent weeks, for forgotten whistles (on LeBron James against the Mavs during a double-overtime loss, a four-point action against the Kings…). But acknowledging these mistakes does not turn defeats into victories…

Last night in Boston, the Lakers had five extra minutes to do themselves justice in overtime. But by AD’s admission, he and his teammates were no longer there: ” We were still thinking that we weren’t even supposed to be in this situation, to be honest. We weren’t supposed to go into overtime. »

The best player on the planet can’t seem to get a whistle, it’s unbelievable. Even if we try not to put it on the back of refereeing, it’s more and more difficult. Yes, there are a lot of things we could have done better, and it’s unfortunate that the game ended with such an action. We don’t ask for favouritism, just consistency “claims Darvin Ham.

For his part, Jayson Tatum, all smiles and arms raised to better proclaim his innocence, pretends to have lost his memory: ” The last two minutes and extra time were a blur. I really don’t know what happened. I have to look at the pictures, everything happened so fast. »

PlayersGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdbpIntCTpartyPoints
lebron james3936.150.730.476.
Anthony Davis2633.259.029.482.73.28.912.
Russell Westbrook4628.642.128.666.
lonnie walker3229.845.538.487.
Thomas Bryant3522.363.944.477.
Dennis Schroder3530.241.935.
Rui Hachimura121.557.133.350.
Austin Reaves3628.948.836.
Troy Brown, Jr.4323.743.135.4100.
Kendrick Nunn3913.540.632.581.
Wenyen Gabriel4015.762.636.
Patrick Beverly4026.539.433.682.
matt ryan1210.830.637.
Max Christie3114.842.
Juan Toscano Anderson2912.350.820.
Damian Jones218.354.
Scotty Pippen, Jr.65.333.333.355.
cole swider57.333.337.
Sterling Brown46.

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