Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1200 of Friday June 3, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Stanislas observes Audrey, Victoire and Samuel are doing Floriane a favor. Nathan makes a terrible mistake.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday 3 June in Tomorrow belongs to us…


The day after her assault, Chloé and Stanislas go to the police station to make a statement. However, neither of them managed to see the attacker.

For her part, Camille takes advantage of Stanislas’ absence to rummage through her souvenir trunk. Unfortunately, the latter arrives and surprises her. Against all odds, Stanislas shows him a stuffed animal but also the car he received on his first Christmas without his mother.

At the police station, Roxane went through the CCTV images near the Perraud cabinet. On these, we can see a man escaping on a scooter just seconds after Chloe was attacked. Thanks to the license plate, Roxane managed to track down a certain Malo Ferrer, known to the police for assault and battery. Before going to question him, however, Sara would like to have a little one-on-one with Stanislas. Indeed, she finds it strange that the skipper always arrives at a providential moment to play the savior.

Not far from there, Camille, Chloé and Sébastien meet at the Spoon. Knowing him capable of the worst, Sébastien would not be surprised that his son-in-law paid someone to attack Chloé in order to give himself the good part. Even if he cannot warn the police for a simple suspicion, the prosecutor nevertheless noticed that Sara was suspicious of him. Therefore, he contacts her immediately.

Shortly after, Stanislas is summoned to the police station where Sara asks him a few questions about his schedule the day before. It must be said that the police officer noted some inconsistencies on her itinerary and that she would like to start all over again to understand. But Stanislas doesn’t really have time to answer since Martin puts an end to the interrogation. Once alone, the commander reproaches Sara for having exceeded his instructions. Until proven otherwise, Stanislas is innocent. So he summons Sara to stop her nonsense and get back to work.

Later, Sara and Nordine question Malo about his schedule the day before. The latter then tells the two police officers that he was working at the time of the events. Concerning Stanislas, the young man affirms that he does not know him.

Roxane has meanwhile peeled the fadettes of Stanislas and Malo over the past two weeks. According to his research, there is no evidence that they made contact. While Sara is convinced that they used prepaid phones, Roxane rather thinks that her partner has been on the wrong track from the start. She then reminds him that she cannot go after Stanislas before specifying that until proven otherwise he has done nothing wrong. Annoyed to hear his wife talking like Commander Constant, Sara regrets that no one sees that Stanislas is a dangerous man, then indicates that she will manage on her own.

A few steps away, Stanislas finds Malo and gives him an envelope of money before asking him to disappear. Fearing that the police will come back, the young man asks for a good extension against his silence. After slamming him violently against the wall, Stanislas punches him in the stomach. With the pain, Malo collapses on the ground but that does not stop Stanislas who continues to kick him several times in the stomach. He then states that it was a warning and next time he will smash it.

At the end of the day, Stanislas observes Audrey who walks in the street and takes pictures of her.


As she has the green light from her doctors to leave the hospital, Floriane would like to be able to see Enzo to convince him to return to Sète. This is why she asks Victoire and Samuel to take care of her son for a day. Although they do not have the right, the two doctors end up being convinced and take the baby home.

If Doctor Chardeau has the unpleasant feeling of having been taken in, his partner believes that thanks to this small sacrifice, a family will soon be reunited. Nevertheless, caring for an infant is not an easy task. Without a crib and enough diapers to last the day, the couple has no choice but to improvise.

Samuel therefore retrieves a wicker basket from the Dauniers and then makes a cradle for the baby.


After an intimate moment, Angie explains to Nathan that he makes strange noises when they have sex. A mix between Darth Vader and Kung Fu Panda that the teenager recorded. Listening, Nathan says a lot of people do this.

Later, Nathan has finally finished his podcast and sends the file to Étienne so that he can post it on the school’s website. But a few hours later, the podcast is still not online. Nathan therefore decides to do it himself. Unfortunately, he is in the wrong file and mistakenly publishes the recording of his intimate moment with Angie. Proud of the boy she loves, Angie puts the podcast on her phone speaker so that all her classmates listen to Nathan’s work. But on hearing the recording of their antics, she tells him that she will never forgive him.

A few steps away, Chloé and Étienne are also listening to the podcast. The latter is disappointed that his student did not play the game.

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