Mr. Pokora violently criticized on his music: “I fell on it”

Mr. Pokora violently criticized on his music: “I fell on it” (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage)

This Saturday, November 12, 2022, Mr. Pokora will be on the set of “Star Academy” on TF1 for a new bonus. The opportunity to perform one of his hits with Chris, and to register a little more among the popular artists of French song. However, if he has enjoyed immense success in France for many years now, Matt Pokora has more than once suffered the wrath of an audience not really won over by his art, and even those of other artists.

Occur in a tele-hook like the “Star Academy” is an almost obvious choice for Matt Pokora. Because this universe, he knows it only too well. In 2003, his life changed after his appearance on another singing show, then broadcast on M6, “Popstars”. The young man from Strasbourg, barely of age, discovers the spotlight within the Linkup group. But very quickly he decided to take his destiny in hand by embarking on a solo career. The rest, we know it: thousands of albums sold, tours throughout France and a longevity in the music industry that commands admiration. A success that Mr. Pokora also perhaps owes to his determination, he who has never taken into account the many criticisms of his music. Because if he is a popular artist, his place as a star of French song is often questioned.

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Covers that did not (at all) please the critics

Around Matt Pokora, there are those who love his music, and those who hate it. The others seem to have nothing to do with it. Never mind: if he is well aware of the criticism about him, the 37-year-old singer knows that his reputation precedes him. “In 2003 when I won the ‘Popstars’ tele-hook on M6, I could have been just a marketing product. I had no credibility. It’s true. But today? Nobody does what I do on stage and well-meaning critics do not recognize this talent,” he argued in 2017 in the columns of Figaro. A year before, Mr. Pokora had taken a big risk with “My Way”, his album of covers of Claude François hits. At the time, critics of the genre as well as part of the French public had not been won over by this daring bet. Here again, the singer remained lucid: “We don’t realize the risk that it represents. It’s an idea that was running through my head because I love his songs. I let the project mature and I am launched “he confided to Télé-Loisirs … before castigating the critics of the specialized press.

“As soon as the info started to leak, it was not lacking: all the specialists fell on me. what it represents. I expose myself to criticism, to my public who am delirious and who could get lost in it. It proves that it is not opportunistic. Indeed, in 2011, Matt Pokora had rubbed shoulders with another giant of French song: Jean-Jacques Goldman. And as for Claude François, an astonishing gap has opened up between the bad reviews from the press and the reception from the public. Because one of the singer’s strengths is his loyal audience, which has followed him for so many years: “When the single came out, we said it would be the biggest flop of my career. It remained number 1 for eight weeks and everyone was dancing to it, including my detractors. It even became one of the greatest moments of my concerts!” he had dropped proudly, before being always so lucid about his place in the music industry: “Of course, I would never be unanimous.”

A success constantly questioned

And then there are the more media reviews, those of other artists. If he is friends with many of his brothers and sisters, Matt Pokora also has some enemies who do not hesitate to attack him publicly. Back in 2020. At that time, Christina Milian’s husband added a line to his impressive list of awards by winning the prize for Best French Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards, ahead of Gims, Slimane, Vitaa and Aya Nakamura. It is also the latter who set fire to the powder. As soon as the winner was announced, the interpreter of “Djadja” could not contain his anger, and thus expressed his frustration on Twitter: “He won for what sound? Nothing against him but he is not even in top 10.” A sharp and very technical remark which also aimed to denounce the workings of this ceremony. Not one to let it go, Matt Pokora wanted to answer him in the same tone in “TPMP”: “She is on the wrong track. (…) Where she made a mistake is when she talks about top 10 What is the top 10 streaming? I’ve been for 17 years. The problem with the streaming public is that there are a lot of tourists. They have a subscription, they click. It’s the buzz of the moment.” In essence, Matt Pokora explained to Aya Nakamura how his very large community of fans manages to hoist him to the top of the podium at each ceremony.

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A success that does not seem to irritate Aya Nakamura, like Matt Houston. The RnB artist had jumped at the chance to also castigate Matt Pokora, with, this time, much (much) more virulence than his colleague. “When the scam continues. Finally someone who gets wet. Aya Nakamura thank you. There’s nothing to erase, he’s a s***pe! How does this son of a bitch win all the time without having done nothing? It’s us, we make you dance, it’s us culture. Respect a little. What is it, there will be no next Johnny here” he wrote angrily on his Instagram account. An old resentment revived since Matt Houston had already attacked Matt Pokora several years earlier, forcing him to change his stage name to M Pokora, and thus avoid any confusion between them…

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