Deal concluded: the twittos to the rescue of a private seller of the auction room

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A saleswoman deprived of access to the auction room. This Friday, June 24, 2022, a certain Camille saw her lamp be “recalibrated” by one of the auctioneers of Deal concluded who judged that it was a fake. A sequence remained without issue that the twittos saw with a bad eye. Why broadcast it? They had their own idea…

For its last day of broadcast of the week, Affaire concluded did not deviate from its habits, with a very varied panoply of objects sold at auction. During the first episode broadcast around 4 p.m. on France 2, buyers François Cases-Bardina, Caroline Margeridon, Marie du Sordet, Bernard Dumeige and Adeline Jaquet were able to afford treasures: an earthenware fountain signed Jules Vieillard, a bronze from the Susse founder representing a French soldier, nesting tables with bucolic motifs by Emile Gallé, or even old wooden benches from a brewery. The majority of anonymous sellers sold their goods for more than the estimate, which will undoubtedly make them want to come back to the studios…

Camille, another saleswoman seen in this Friday’s episode will not be able to say the same. At 27, this medical intern came for the second time to meet the buyers of the show. But before being able to access the auction room, he had to go through the expertise stage. Sophie Davant and the auctioneer Elsa Joly Malhomme were waiting for her to observe and comment with her on the object she had brought: a lamp bearing the Muller frères signature. Mushroom-shaped and made of imitation marble glass, it was at first glance characteristic of the work of these glassmakers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

Video. Discover the portrait of Sophie Davant

“It comes from my mom, she bought it at auction twenty years ago I would say […] We had it in our old house, we moved and it’s not too much in the style of the current decor”, then explained the young woman, whose wedding is planned for this summer. But while she was dissecting the he object, Elsa Joly Malhomme quickly dampened the general enthusiasm.Indeed, by removing the upper part of this mushroom lamp, the auctioneer pointed out that the interior assembly was more recent than the time of the Muller Brothers. “I’m really sorry, but the editing is very recent. We are really in the 80s …”, regretted the auctioneer, who immediately smelled the “fake”.

“I am very annoyed with this lamp which in my opinion is a copy with a fake signature! There were a lot of fakes in the 80s”. Interpelled by this discovery, Sophie Davant then wondered about the story of the seller, who had declared that her mother had bought it at auction, a place where the authenticity of objects is normally guaranteed. “No, I was wrong, it was at an antique dealer,” then corrected the young saleswoman. In case of “false”, the production does not give access to the auction room. The young woman was therefore not entitled to the famous pass allowing her to meet the buyers. “It saddens us, especially since there is a great event that you have to finance” concluded Sophie Davant, visibly sorry.

On twitter, anger rumbled. “Why did you broadcast this sequence?” Asked several tweeters who are aware that the objects are checked and validated before filming. For them, this somewhat sterile scene was only intended to humiliate the saleswoman or to highlight the skills of the auctioneers.

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