“Everyone thought I was dead”: Samuel Le Bihan victim of a horrible rumor

“Everyone thought I was dead”: Samuel Le Bihan victim of a horrible rumor (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP) (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, October 25, 2022, France 3 is broadcasting new episodes of its series, “Alex Hugo”, brought to the screen by Samuel Le Bihan. A committed and benevolent actor, he himself was the subject of a terrible rumor several years ago. In just a few days, a wave of panic gripped those around him. And for good reason…

Samuel Le Bihan has been playing the character of Alex Hugo in the France 3 series for eight years now. The story of a Marseille policeman who chose to go green and who has fascinated viewers all this time. A well-deserved success for the actor who has always been fascinated by the entertainment world. From the end of the 80s, he rubbed shoulders with the difficult exercise of burlesque mime, then that of fire-eater, before joining the troupe of the Comédie-Française. Samuel Le Bihan therefore has more than one string to his bow. But even though he’s been enjoying success on the small screen for a long time now, he too has been the target of heavy criticism. One of which has changed his daily life and that of his loved ones.

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An announcement that has the effect of a shock wave

We are then in 2012. At this time, Samuel Le Bihan takes his first steps in the series of France 3, “Alex Hugo”, when the Gorafi gets involved. “The talent of Samuel Le Bihan found dead at home at 48” headlines the parody site, February 6, 2014. And to continue in the preamble and in the same tone: “Sad news for many moviegoers who were greatly shocked by the “announcement of the rumor of the disappearance of the talent of Samuel Le Bihan on social networks, an announcement now confirmed. The talent of Samuel Le Bihan has unfortunately been found dead, at the home of the actor. Report.” A new feat of arms of Gorafi which, compared to the editorial line of the site, is not really surprising. However, it is enough not to know the parodic nature of this medium to fall into the trap, forgetting the word “talent” placed before “death”. And it’s a whole machine that gets carried away.

Asked in stride by Télé Star, Samuel Le Bihan had first replied calmly: “The guys from Gorafi.fr are usually rather funny, have great finds, but there, they got it wrong”, he believed. , before talking about the consequences of this parody article: “The talent of Samuel Le Bihan found dead in his living room”, I get the idea, except that everyone believed that I was really dead. If you read the thing a little quickly, that’s what you think you see.” Already the father of two children at that time, the actor then had to reassure his relatives.

“People were very scared, were paralyzed for two days. The Gorafi missed his shot, it happens. But hey, they will have at least made an article about me, which means that they like me! If they have the feeling that my talent is dead, it means that at some point, they considered that I had one! I reassure them, it’s not dead! It’s not because I advertised for Brut (a fragrance for men, editor’s note), that my talent has disappeared. I have other things under my feet!” he tempered in the columns of Télé Star.

A determined actor despite the criticism

Fortunately, Samuel Le Bihan is not the type to be defeated by criticism, in an environment where each appearance on the small or big screen is judged and analyzed. From an early age, he was passionate about this universe. A kind of lifeline in the middle of a difficult time at school following a move. “There, everything came to a standstill. My new schoolmaster humiliated me. He asked me questions about lessons taught before my arrival. According to him, I was “retarded”. My parents took me to consult doctors in a specialized center. In class, I tumbled to the last place, when I had always been in the first. I repeated the CM1 “he confided in the columns of the World.

“Very alone”, little Samuel puts himself “in survival mode”: “I refused this life that was looming. I wanted to change my destiny, to reshuffle the cards. I took it into my head to do Fine Arts, I drew a lot, portraits, figurative. I also created wooden objects, a seat, a crossbow, skateboards, a stool…” Later, Samuel Le Bihan took up the theater, “to make his parents proud”. His path is finally found. Since then, the actor has come a long way, both in his career and in his personal life. Father of an autistic little girl, he has been involved for several years in the associative world, wishing to make the general public aware “about this difficult subject”. In his novel “A Happiness I Wish Nobody”, released in 2018, Samuel Le Bihan recounts his daily life alongside his daughter.

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