World Cup in Qatar 2022 – ‘One Love’ armband, support for NGOs: The Blues and the FFF up to the challenges?

It was necessary to settle the burning file before flying away, this Wednesday, for Qatar. The players of the France team did it in two stages. Monday, in front of the press, Hugo Lloris revealed his intention not to wear the inclusive armband, a symbol of the fight against all discrimination, including that which targets LGBT people at the World Cup. On Tuesday, in a “collective letter” published on social networks, the reigning world champions acknowledged “a troubled context” around this World Cup and announced their intention to provide financial support to NGOs working “for the protection of human rights“.

Amnesty International, which has put pressure on the FFF and the France team for several months, in particular to defend the rights of migrant workers, considers this action necessary but not sufficient. “We welcome this late but necessary speechlet us know Lola Schulmann, advocacy officer at Amnesty France. The players had a moral responsibility. But they can do more. Some teams have planned to meet and discuss with migrant workers to initiate dialogue. We hope that the players of the France team will not simply be content with this letter.

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Amnesty International denounces the silence of the FFF

This letter has therefore not dissipated all the sources of tension. Several NGOs, including Amnesty International, have come out in favor of creating a compensation fund for workers who have worked on construction sites. On November 2, the Qatari labor minister warned that his country would not finance such a project. “We’re talking to the Federation nowcontinued Lola Schulmann. A few months ago, the FFF supported the compensation fund for migrant workers. Since then, she has been silent while she has to put pressure on FIFA to obtain the creation of the fund.

Another hot topic, the One Love armband. While eight federations (note: Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Wales and Switzerland) had announced their desire to see their captain wear a rainbow armband. rainbow, a symbol of the fight against all discrimination, in Qatar, the FFF and Hugo Lloris have slowed down since then. Monday, at Clairefontaine, the captain of the Blues recorded his refusal to wear it: “On this file, I have my personal opinion and it joins that of the president. When we welcome foreigners to France, we want them to follow our rules and respect our culture. I will do the same when I go to Qatar.”

Hugo Lloris and his armband during Euro 2016

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Statements that offended Bertrand Lambert, president of the PanamBoyz & Girlz club, which fights against homophobia in football: “I’m shocked. Lloris talks about ‘respecting the rules and the culture’ of Qatar but we are not talking about the rules of the highway code there. We are talking about values ​​and human rights. We are talking about people who are imprisoned because they made the mistake of not being like everyone else. When we are the country of human rights, we will carry humanist values ​​everywhere we go.

It’s shametold us Yoann Lemaire, founder of the Foot Ensemble association in December, which aims to raise awareness of the fight against all forms of discrimination. These people live in a parallel reality. Our German, Danish and English neighbors are so far ahead because they think more about the question. We are missing a Harry Kane or a Manuel Neuer. We lack courageous people with a humanist commitment.

Le Graët slows down, associations hit

In an interview with L’Equipe, Noël Le Graët was clear last week. The French football boss is on the same line as Lloris regarding the ‘One Love’ armband: “I love it so much (Hugo Lloris) don’t do it. We are going to play in a country that we must respectargued the president of 3F. But if we have to wear it, we will wear it. It’s not that I’m not in favor of this armband, but sometimes I tell myself that we want to be so much a giver of lessons that we should also look at what is happening at home“.

Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF.

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Everything that comes out of the mouth of Noël Le Graët as soon as he talks about discrimination is off the markJudge Bertrand Lambert. It is always : ‘Circulate, there is nothing to see.” Yoann Lemaire traces the same furrow: “I don’t know if there’s a whiff of conservatism or if the stakes between France and Qatar are too great for the FFF to get wet, but in any case, the result is the same: you have to be quiet.“In their press release, the players recalled their “attachment” to the “refusal of any form of discrimination.”

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The Blues will “support NGOs” for the defense of human rights


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