Vortex on France 2: Tomer Sisley and Camille Claris react to the poignant final scene of the series

France 2 broadcast the final episodes of Vortex this evening. A final that certainly left no one indifferent. Starting with Tomer Sisley and Camille Claris, the two main actors in the series and Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, the director.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the final episode of the Vortex series. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Vortex is one of the big successes of the start of 2023. Carried by Tomer Sisley and Camille Claris, the series has won over a wide audience with its unique universe and its impossible love story through the twists and turns of time. . A captivating and audacious fantasy thriller that attracted no less than 4.3 million viewers when it launched on January 2.

Tonight, France 2 broadcast the last two episodes of this thriller like no other, marking the end of this mad race against time for Ludovic and Mélanie.


Yes, but not without consequences!

On July 17, 1998, the date on which she must die, Mélanie leaves Ludovic and takes refuge with Hector (Ludovik) to escape her disastrous destiny. If she thought she was the target of Nathan (Eric Pucheu), the young mother however quickly realizes that it is her childhood friend who will kill her. In a survival reflex, Mélanie then flees and runs to the edge of the cliff. Cornered, she pulls out the gun she stole from Ludovic then shoots it.

If Mélanie thus managed to change the course of her destiny, she obviously changed the future in the process. And not just a little…

In 2025, Ludovic is still married to Parvana (Zineb Triki) and Sam is definitely there. On the other hand, his daughter Juliette (Anaïs Parello), now a lawyer and pregnant with her first child, has not spoken to him for several years because she is angry with him for having sent Mélanie to prison.

Indeed, in her new timeline, Mélanie was arrested by the police and her ex-husband after spending fifteen years on the run.

Beyond the explanation of this new order of events, what viewers were probably waiting for the most was the reunion between Ludovic and Mélanie, the only two who finally know what happened.

And it is in the final scene of the series that Ludovic sees again in the visiting room the one he loved so much. Very moved, they tenderly touch each other’s hand as they had tried to do in the Vortex but this time for real before Melanie declares “I’ve been waiting for you for 27 years“.


While the millions of viewers who fell in love with Vortex will certainly have appreciated this finale, the actors and the director of the series were for their part very satisfied with the outcome reserved for this story.

I find the end of the series amazing.” thus confided Tomer Sisley to our microphone before continuing, “I always find it better to be amazed in a story than to see the end come three kilometers away. I don’t think we’re expecting this ending.“.

A feeling shared by Camille Claris who was “very surprised by this ending“but above all very happy”let it be like this“. According to her, “Mélanie is very transformed by all this, by all these years in prison. She faced many things for life and for living. It’s a woman’s journey that I find powerful.“.

For his part, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, the director of the series, said he was very satisfied with this finale because “it’s not a happy ending“.”It’s satisfying and frustrating at the same time. It’s all in the contrast. There’s a price to pay for this end.” he declared to our microphone. And to add, “Vortex is a series that leaves people emotionally at their highest point. We may have solved the investigation, we do not close the story gradually to reach the conclusion. In fact, the climax comes at the very end. All the episodes help us to load this last sequence that we expect and fear at the same time.“.

It must be said that everything has been done to create expectation and delay as much as possible the reunion between Mélanie and Ludovic thanks to the staging, the interpretation of the actors, the editing and the music. “We are on his eyes. Everything goes through what we see of Tomer and we really reveal Mélanie at the very end. We leave people at the top. I was super moved the first time I saw this ending edited.”

For Tomer Sisley, however, this scene was particularly difficult to shoot. “It was a very emotionally charged moment. It’s a sequence that we shot dozens of times. From the very first take, we were completely immersed in it. Camille and I were emotionally torn. Suddenly, I was very afraid of how I was going to do to be able to hold on all the plans with this same level of emotion.

A very emotional scene that concludes this story with accuracy without overdoing it.

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