The real reasons for Benzema’s departure revealed

The daily AS claims to have obtained information on how Benzema was ousted from his selection at the start of the World Cup.

On November 19, the news broke in Doha. Karim Benzema left the French team’s training camp in Qatar because of a “quadriceps injury in his left leg”. When Karim noticed the discomfort, he went to the Aspetar Clinic in Doha, accompanied by French national team doctor Frank Le Gal. This diagnosis has been published and Benzema has also informed Real Madrid’s medical services.

What is striking is that the player himself, who knows his body like no one else, knew that the injury was not serious and that in a maximum of 10 days he would be available for competition, claims AS. In fact, his initial idea was to stay in training camp with the Blues to regain his place in the squad for the Round of 16 at the latest.

He would then only have missed the first qualifying round, in which France faced Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. Benzema was convinced that for the round of 16, in this case against Poland on December 4, he would be fully recovered from his small muscle injury. But his surprise came when he was in his room at the Al Messila hotel where Deschamps’ team was staying in Doha. There was a knock on his door and the French coach appeared with doctor Frank Le Gal.

“You must leave”

The doctor announced with a coldness that stunned Benzema: “I’m sorry Karim, but you have to go.” Deschamps was in the room but remained silent. Benzema quickly understood what was happening. Deschamps was literally kicking him out of the squad and therefore had the perfect excuse to start with Giroud. Naturally, Karim showed dignity and didn’t want to discuss the possibility of staying to recuperate in order to arrive in time to help his team. He got the message, packed his bags and took a quick flight to Madrid.

The next day he began his recovery at Valdebebas. And just a week later, he went on vacation to Reunion Island. The wound was completely healed and, even worse, Doctor Le Gal would later confess to Karim that this cold and calculated message was an order from Deschamps. He was just a simple “messenger”.

This explains the coldness and disdain with which Deschamps spoke when asked by the media about the possibility of Benzema returning to the home stretch of the World Cup, given that he was still featured on the official FIFA list and had not been substituted by another striker. “I don’t even want to answer. Next question…”, launched the coach at a press conference.

Karim, more elegant and polite, replied on his networks as France progressed in the Qatari tournament: “It’s time, all together, let’s go. Go Blues”, he tweeted before each important meeting. But in the end, all this still pushed Benzema to make the decision he announced earlier this week: his international retirement. “I made the effort and the mistakes it took to be where I am today. I’m proud of it! I wrote my story and ours is coming to an end”.

This Wednesday, the Real Madrid striker would even unfollow several players from the French team, certainly aware that the latter were also no stranger to Didier Deschamps’ decision. After 97 appearances for the Blues and 37 goals, it’s the end of the story between the Ballon d’Or title and his national team.

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