The great blooper of 31: tweeters exasperated by TF1’s New Year’s Eve program

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As often, TF1 broadcast a blooper for New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2022. A program that made some Internet users smile, and others sad. The fault of an overflow of bloopers on television during the Christmas holidays, but not only…

While M6 had chosen to broadcast three hours of musical show shot at the Dôme de Paris, with Juliette Armanet, Slimane, Kendji Girac, Zouk Machine, Zazie or even Soprano, TF1 bet for this New Year’s Eve party on a great blooper. Karine Ferri and Christophe Beaugrand offered viewers the opportunity to review funny images from 2022, in the company of many guests on the set. The opportunity to laugh (again) in front of excerpts from programs largely made in TF1. Thus, we were able to see Jérôme Commandeur again in full imitation of Nikos Aliagas in 50’inside, or a candidate next to the plate in the Douze coups de midi: to the question “What time of day is also the name of a region of France?”, she replied: “The aperitif”. A sequence on the slips was also broadcast: “live from Pointe-à-Poutre” instead of Pointe-à-Pitre, or Airbnb instead of “RnB” music, Jessie instead of Jay-Z were thus heard…

The blooper was also an opportunity to review the already cult sequences of the last season of the Star Academy, in the company of the teachers present on the set. Starting with the panic of dance teacher Yanis Marshall, in front of a bug, a fly or even a storm. Difficulties with the new technology of the professor of scenic expression Laure Balon, who is also known to go from laughter to seriousness in barely a second. Or even the crises of Anisha, phobic of citrus fruits and Léa, discovering a snail in the middle of a sports session outside. The latter was also named “funniest student” by her teachers on the blooper set. “She doesn’t have a filter”, “She doesn’t even do it on purpose sometimes”, they commented about her.

The show also exclusively unveiled the giggles off the new season of Ninja Warrior, soon to be broadcast, in which Christophe Beaugrand is overexcited. Or even the unpublished images of the casting of Chris Marques to enter Dancing with the stars. “It surprises me that I had a career after that,” commented the main interested party on set. Facing Karine Ferri and Christophe Beaugrand, Michèle Bernier, Denis Brogniart, Joyce Jonathan, Keen’V, Marc-Antoine Le Bret, Marie-Ange Nardi, Just Riadh, Tom Villa and Chantal also sat throughout the evening. Ladesou.

“I’m going to go to sleep I think…”

With her usual outspokenness, the latter did not hesitate to give her opinion on the show, and more generally on New Year’s bloopers. “It’s nice in the background, no one is watching but it’s in the background!”, she swung. A remark close to the truth. On Twitter, however, those who spoke this Saturday, December 31, 2022, were very attentive to the show. But their opinions were sharply divided. Some claimed to have fun in front of these images, and to have particular pleasure in finding Christophe Beaugrand at the animation.

Others, on the other hand, described the program as “lamentable”, “null”, “dumb” or “rotten”. A severe judgment which is also explained by a weariness with the chain of bloopers on all the channels during the Christmas holidays. What even cause them a blow of cockroach of the end of the year, or make them want to go to bed before midnight…

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