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Here is an article from the distant lands of Olaf the big slapper.

For those who lack culture and do not master the literature which is mine, namely Asterix, know that there is no anti-German racism there!

Olaf Grossebaf is the leader of the Norman warriors. Ambitious leader, he wants to know everything! In search of the secret of fear that gives wings, he travels to Gaul accompanied by his best troops. Lack of luck opposite it will fall on a bone… that of Idéfix the small dog of Obélix and on Asterix! As a Norman attic economist, of course, Olaf Grossebaf is a classic, so when the German mamamouchi is called Olaf… Come on, boom, a grossebaf!

In short. Here is what our official correspondent, impertinent comrade Christophe, tells us and it’s not brilliant because no AdBlue and no truck. No rolling trucks, no food or good yum-yum on the shelves! And when the shelves are empty, bellies cry out for hunger!

AdBlue is running out: Soon empty supermarket shelves?

Without AdBlue, trucks cannot drive. But following the energy crisis, production has collapsed in Germany and stocks are running out.
German transporters are already under considerable pressure due to the lack of drivers and the increase in the price of diesel. And now the chronic shortage of AdBlue, the mixture of urea and deionized water that neutralizes nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines, seems to be getting worse.

Supplies of this liquid by German hauliers are running out, as SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz, one of Germany’s largest AdBlue suppliers, completely halted production in August. The company from Wittenberg, in SaxonyAnhalt, justified this decision by the high price of gas. (Comment from our corresponding comrade: complete stop often means final stop).

Dirk Engelhardt, head of the Federal Association for Goods Transport, Logistics and Disposal (BGL), says companies are running out of AdBlue. The trucks will then no longer be able to drive. “There will be public outcry when supply chains collapse and supermarkets empty,” he quoted in the Financial Times.

Victims of expensive gas

The German economy is heading for a recession, weighed down by the most serious energy crisis since the Second World War. Germany’s move away from Russian gas has pushed prices up four times higher than a year ago. Some energy-intensive facilities have therefore ceased operations.

SKW Piesteritz is one of the best-known victims of expensive gas. Admittedly, one of the two installations was then restarted at a minimum level, but the second is still out of service. “If we had continued to produce, we would have recorded losses of 100 million euros each month,” explains spokesman Christopher Profitlich.

The shutdown of SKW has already had a huge impact on the supply of fertilizers to German farms and caused problems for slaughterhouses, food packers and breweries that depend on carbon dioxide – a by-product of ammonia – produced by SKW.

But the sharp decline in AdBlue production should have even greater economic consequences.

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