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You know all the fears that I have regarding the durability of the electric car in the next 10 years.

The electric car requires massive investments in terms of energy production capacity and wind turbines may be a bit short to recharge 30 million cars in France!

I’m not even talking to you about the electrification of our transport capacities, I’m thinking of our heavy goods vehicles that feed Paris and the 12 million Ile-de-France residents.

I am not mentioning the reloading times on a weekend of major holiday departures with 25,000 vehicles waiting for a terminal… we will have to recreate post offices on the motorway service areas and sleeping capacities.

In short, all this is very complicated and this desire for all-electric has a great chance of turning into an economic, social and environmental disaster for the simple and good reason that complex subjects are always nuanced.

Yes to the electric car for certain uses.

For others it takes thermal.

Or even hydrogen or “gasifier” and other LPG which can even be produced locally and not in Russia!

The ecological transition is not ONE solution launched from Brussels, but it is a plurality of solutions forming a coherent whole.

We will eventually realize it.

My personal opinion is not to buy an electric car (prefer leasing and return the keys if necessary) and to make your thermal car last as long as possible. By 2035 reason will have returned.

And precisely an American state throws a stone in the pond!

In the United States, Wyoming wants to ban electric cars in 2035!

While Europe is aiming to ban thermal cars by 2035, an American state takes the complete opposite view and wants to ban electric cars. The goal ? Protect its oil industry and the jobs that go with it.

As you know, Europe is currently working on banning the sale of new thermal cars in 2035. The exact conditions of this ban remain to be specified, but this principle has already been accepted by the members of the European Union. In the United States too, the electrification of the automobile is underway: the government has just set up significant aid for the purchase of new electric cars (in the form of tax credits), the construction of a denser charging network has been implemented and some states such as California are aiming to limit the sale of new cars to electrified models only by the next decade.

But in Wyoming, the time is not at all for electrification. This state in the center of the United States even wants to outright ban the sale of new electric cars by the year 2035! In its proposal number SJ0004, the parliamentarians of the State indeed propose to withdraw electric cars from commerce in 2035 on the grounds of the protection of its local economy, dependent in particular on the production of oil and gas.

The bill explains that “the production of oil and gas is the pride of Wyoming”, that this industry has created “countless jobs” and “ensures the economic balance of the State”. She says that “electric cars are difficult to recycle, depend on minerals that are difficult to extract and would require too expensive investments to build charging infrastructure”. Concluding the bill, the drafters call for a ban on the sale of new electric cars in 2035 to protect its oil and gas industry, save jobs, and even “limit mineral extraction in the state to only vital activities.” “. Note that this is only a bill that has not yet been validated. Will the Wyoming legislator dare to go through with this totally unique approach in the world?

Something to think about here, while we are in Europe in the process of killing off the automobile industry of the old continent and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that went with it, without telling you about the technological wealth of our manufacturers.

Charles SANNAT

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