Love is in the meadow: Baptiste sets Twitter ablaze, Karine Le Marchand reframes cautiously

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First portraits and first big crush. This Monday, January 30, 2023, M6 unveiled the first faces of the new season of Love is in the meadow. Among them, that of Baptiste, a thirty-year-old dad who won over (very) many viewers, both for his advantageous physique and for his moral qualities. Its success promises to be so great that Karine Le Marchand has seen fit to tighten the rules a bit…

A few days before Valentine’s Day, M6 viewers had this Monday, January 30, 2023 the joy of finding their most romantic program. Love is in the meadow inaugurated its eighteenth season, with the broadcast of the portraits of the candidates. The opportunity to discover the faces of the farmers who bravely go in search of love. To start this evening of presentations, the production hit hard. This has indeed drawn one of the youngest recruits in the cast (perhaps the youngest of the season), in the person of Baptiste. And from the very first minutes, he was able to hold the attention of his audience.

Producer of essential oils and breeder of sheep from Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, this “young and dashing” thirty-year-old was warmly welcomed by Karine Le Marchand, despite thick fog on the day of filming. “You have a beautiful smile, you have a beautiful head”, she launched to this blond with green eyes, with the spontaneity that we know him. A few seconds earlier, the facilitator winced, watching him come towards her, on his sneakers of impeccable white. But behind this somewhat neat appearance, she was quick to pinpoint her flaws…

“Women will all fall for this emotional father”

Behind his beautiful clear eyes, Baptiste hides a great wound. A year and a half ago, his partner and mother of his daughter Léontine, abruptly left him. “She told me ‘you are a perfect husband, a great father, but I think I’m going to leave'”, said the young man, who then saw his proposal for couples therapy being refused. “The thing that I was accused of was working too much, not spending enough time at home,” he then understood. He would have lost 13kg and in three weeks following this brutal rupture. And would have taken some time to recover, thanks to the support of his friends and family…

This difficult conversation will have allowed Karine Le Marchand and the viewers to discover a sensitivity on edge, behind this advantageous physique. If he returned to this painful chapter with tears in his eyes, it is with great tenderness that the Provençal was able to confide in his relationship with his 3-year-old daughter, Léontine. In order to devote himself as much as possible to her, the young dad decided to sell donkeys and horses after his breakup, in order to free up some time. Although the little girl lives far from him, she is his priority when he is happy to welcome her.

On Twitter, the combination of Baptiste’s pleasant physical appearance and sensitivity had its small effect. Many Internet users have not hidden a crush on this thirty-year-old, and see him as “the handsome kid of the season”. The rave reviews were particularly numerous.

You still have to meet his criteria: Baptiste wants to meet a woman who has no children or whose father is not present (in order to avoid taking a child away from his father), who does not smoke ideally stable and committed. Stubborn and determined, the essential oil producer wants to get married and live with his family in the house he is building.

All interested viewers have become aware that the competition is likely to be tough, as the letters should be numerous. An opinion shared by Karine Le Marchand: “for once we have a handsome boy who is committed … he will be drowning in the mail this one”, she concluded at the end of the discussion. In anticipation, the host even exceptionally clarified in voiceover that it was useless to send letters directly to Baptiste, because only the letters that reached the production would be opened. Remember that every year, suitors try to override the rules of the show by writing or going directly to the farmers, off cameras…

Video. Love is in the meadow. This detail in the portrait of Baptiste which amuses Internet users

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