Moon Knight episode 6: everything you need to know to fully understand the post-credits scene

Episode 6 of Moon Knight offered us a very interesting post-credits scene, which we wanted to discuss in more detail within this article. On our side, we had the chance to discover this new episode thanks to the big projector 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Xgimi Aura Laserrunning Android TV, with built-in 60W Harman Kardon speakers, with HDR10 image quality and very good brightness (2400 ANSI lumens), so it was a real pleasure to discover this ingenious scene just after the first credits.

WARNING: this article contains many spoilers concerning episode 6 of Moon Knight. Do not continue reading if you do not want to read it.

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Warning, the spoiler starts here.

Episode 6 of Moon Knight proved to us that Marvel could offer series a little different from what the Studios have accustomed us to. Episode 5 of the series in particular, very centered on the TDI and on Marc’s past, made a big impression on the fans. And this episode 6, an episode of “denouement”also had some little surprises in store for us.

The fact that Layla becomes an avatar, for example, had been the subject of a hypothesis in one of our previous articles, but it is not the last surprise of this episode. The post-credits scene of episode 6 indeed finally (and finally!) ended up revealing the third personality of Marc Spector, namely Jake Lockley. And we tell you more about it below.

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This post-credits scene begins by showing us Arthur Harrow in a mental hospital similar to the one Marc and Steven were trapped in.

This asylum, however, is actually very, very real. We know this because we see a mysterious character arrive and bring out of Arthur Harrow Hospital, in his wheelchair, in order to drive him in a limousine. Within the latter, Arthur Harrow meets Khonshulooking rather elegant.

He then declares :

Marc Spector truly believed that after our separation, I wanted his wife to be my avatar. Why would I need anyone elsewhile he does not know how disturbed he is?

The limo’s black bulkhead lowers as Khonshu finishes speaking, and who do we see appear? Jake Lockley, Marc and Steven’s third and most brutal Quirk. Jake, who is Hispanic (and not a New Yorker like in the comics) in the MCU series, then tells Arthur Harrow : “Today it’s your turn to lose” and shoots him four times with a silenced pistol. Jake then starts the limo and drives off with Khonshu. (and the corpse of Arthur Harrow).

It is interesting to note that the limo’s license plate reads “SKPTR”, which is a clear reminder of Marc’s last name. What’s more, the name of the psychiatric hospital from which Arthur Harrow was released reverberates on the door of this limousine, and we then understand that it is the Sienkiewicz psychiatric hospital, in reference to one of the most famous figures. most important comics Moon Knight : Bill Sienkiewicz.

Although Bill Sienkiewicz was not the first artist to draw Moon Knight (that honor goes to Don Perlin, who was featured last week), Sienkiewicz was the first artist in the very first continuing series of Moon Knight. His almost gothic designs helped make Moon Knight one of Marvel’s most forward-thinking heroes. A beautiful tribute.

And if the license plate is a reference to Marc, the choice of the limousine, meanwhile, is a nod to steven’s version who is presented to us in the comics (who travels all the time in a limo).

And for the following events?

In the comics, Jake Lockley is a taxi driver whose knowledge of the street allows him to be aware of what is happening and to maintain a number of important contacts. He is often seen sporting a beret, and the character’s style has thus been carried over into the MCU.

Marvel Studios has therefore reshaped the history of Jake, his personality and his means of transport for the MCU. It now remains to be seen which costume Jake will have, and we therefore hope that a sequel or a Marvel movie is already in the pipes. For now, it’s hard to be sure indeed, since Marvel has apparently hinted that Moon Knight would return, but episode 6 ends without the mention “Moon Knight Will Return”; there is therefore still room for doubt (even if it is highly probable that the good reviews related to the series and its success with fans confirms the MCU in its choice to bring back Marc and Steven in the future).

Furthermore, Marvel can tell standalone stories (with little or no interconnection) in the MCU, this series has shown us that. So the MCU wouldn’t need to tie Moon Knight to one of his other projects if the studio wished to appeal, again, to Oscar Isaac. Fingers crossed that we know more about the subject very soon.

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