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Thibaut Pinot announced this week that he will end his career at the end of the 2023 season. However, the resident of Groupama-FDJ could finally continue for an additional year – that is until 2024 – but… on one condition. In an interview to discover in full this Sunday in Bartoli Time (7 p.m.), on RMCthe 32-year-old Frenchman confides that a victory French championships, next June, would make him postpone the end of his career. “For the little anecdote, I made a bet with some team mates. The only possibility for me to continue would be to be champion of France. To wear the blue-white-red jersey for a year. We will say that this would be the only condition for me to continue perhaps in 2024. Spending a year with the blue-white-red jersey has always been a dream for me“, he indicates.

Video – Marc Madiot… on Thibaut Pinot’s retirement at the end of 2023!

Thibaut Pinot: “I want to end my career in style”

While he strongly implied it on December 6, during the presentation of the team Groupama-FDJ and at the microphone Cyclism’Newsconfessing that he “didn’t really know where he would be in 2024″, Thibaut Pinot announced this Thursday on his social networks that he will retire at the end of the 2023 season even if he could postpone it on one condition (read above). Thibaut Pinotsure of his choice since, according to our information, he had warned his entire team and managers last October during the internship in Besançon. “It’s a decision that has been carefully considered, over the years, declared the stage winner out of the three Grand Tours (3 stage victories on the Tour de France1 stage win over the Giro d’Italia and 2 stage wins over The Vuelta). I’m excited for the new things I’ll be able to discover after my career, but I’m just as excited to race in this last year. I have rarely been so motivated before a season and I want to finish in style. For my last year, I want to go on the Tour de France, it would piss me off to miss it. I am doing everything and I will continue to do everything to achieve the best possible results.”

Marc Madiot: “Thibaut Pinot, a romantic runner who got lost in the 21st century”

This is an announcement that all cycling fans – especially French – feared and which will make the year 2023 very special… As many clues have suggested for several weeks, Thibaut Pinot will retire well at the end of the 2023 season. The iconic climber of the Groupama-FDJ and darling of the French public will therefore bow out at the age of 33 – which he will be in May – after 14 years of a professional career filled with great victories and terrible disappointments. Contacted by Cyclism’Newsthe general manager of the French team Marc Madiot returned with nostalgia and optimism to the decision to “her foal“, with whom he has had a privileged relationship since his debut in 2010.”A romantic runner who got lost in the 21st century“, in his own words.

The end of a career is always a special moment“, continued the Mayenne. “It is something very intimate and very personal. I went through it as a runner, then accompanying my runners at the end of their career. Each case is special, no two are alike, in relation to the route taken, the level of performance, the family, the environment… It is the person concerned who keeps the stopwatch. Here is. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that you should never go against a rider’s desire to end their career. Never, otherwise it’s heading for disaster“, explained Marc Madiot.

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