2.5 million cars per year: Tesla’s new ambition

He doesn’t just have his new toy in mind. Twitter, which Elon Musk is buying for some 43 billion dollars is not the only concern of the American billionaire. His profitable activities, while the social network is not yet, also concern him. And in particular Tesla which has just recorded, for the first quarter of this year alone, the very pretty profit of 3.3 billion, enough to afford to have some prospects for the future. A future that Musk obviously sees in pink without the need to use prohibited substances.

While Tesla manufactured 930,000 cars in 2021, its boss is already planning for 2025 and has set a very simple goal for his teams: 2.5 million cars produced and sold. A figure that owes nothing to chance, since it is the one reached by BMW last year, and that Mercedes came close to, with its 2.4 million units. By placing himself at this level, Musk hopes on the one hand to enter the select club of the 11 most important manufacturers in the world. But he also hopes to do as well as two of his main rivals.

Objective: to sell as much as Mercedes and BMW, but with a single brand

But if by chance Tesla reaches this score, it will do better than its competitors. Because BMW can boast of this figure thanks to three brands, since in addition to the propeller, the Munich group owns Mini and Rolls-Royce (even if the latter is more of a supplier of turnover than of volume ). For its part, Mercedes manages to sell 2.4 million units by adding its trucks to its cars. Tesla, if he rises to the level of the Germans, it will be by the sole force of his unique brand and his only light models (if one can say so).

The Tesla Model 3 continues its brilliant career, despite its price increases.

However, does the American brand have the means to match the ambitions of its fiery boss? For the moment, its production capacities are limited. With its two factories running at full speed (the historic one in Fremont, California and the one in Shanghai) Tesla cannot produce more than 1 million cars. But the new Berlin production unit has just been inaugurated, just like that of Austin in Texas and the capacities of this set should quickly bring Tesla’s capacities to 1.75 million annual cars.

China and the United States, the two El Dorados

But the account is still not there. There remains a deficit of 750,000 cars to reach the goal of 2.5 million cars in 2025. Never mind: Elon does not shrink from any sacrifice and has already planned the parade by planning to build a second gigafactory in Shanghai, right next to the first. Better, the boss has already established the geographical distribution of his sales for this famous year 2025 where all the production chains will be operational: 1 million cars will be delivered to China, another million to the United States, and the old Europe will be content with 500,000 cars.

The Model Y compact SUV has yet to peak in sales.
The Model Y compact SUV has yet to peak in sales.

Whether Musk’s business plan is realistic remains to be seen. From a pure product point of view, it is. The Model 3 is still the brand’s best-seller and the Model Y has not yet reached cruising speed. As for the Cybertruck, it could soon come to bail out the turnover achieved in the United States. A few question marks remain. They concern in particular the future of the Model S and X, still not revealed, as well as the Model 2 (or C), the “small” Tesla of which we do not know much. And then, the brand is no longer alone in the world in the field of electrical excellence. Porsche, Mercedes and Audi are pushing the door in the premium department, and the Koreans Hyundai and Kia are well placed in the generalist department. So many difficulties that do not seem to scare Musk. If anything, or anyone, has ever scared off the eccentric billionaire.

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