Mont-de-Marsan brings Oyonnax down to Mathon

Pro D2 – The Mons dolphin came to create surprise and sensation at the Charles Mathon stadium on Thursday evening at the start of the 18th day of Pro D2. The Landais snatch a 25-26 success and stop the series of invincibility of the Haut-Bugistes. Above all, they inflicted his first home defeat on the Oyonnaxian leader.

The leader Oyonnax received his runner-up Mont-de-Marsan Thursday evening at the Charles Mathon stadium, at the start of the 18th day of Pro D2. And Oyonnax is impressive this season. Moreover, the figures speak for themselves. Until this 18th day, the Ain club had only two defeats, only one with 0 points (against… Mont-de-Marsan in the first leg) and fourteen wins for a draw. A series also of eleven consecutive victories before meeting the Landes team again. But as in the first leg, it is the Montois who win the bet in the end. At the end of an undecided match until the end.

Mons realism

While the Haut-Bugistes seek to quickly bend the Landes defense by playing their penalties in touch, the visitors hold on defensively. As Joe El Abd’s players are less clinical than usual, the Mons manage to turn their backs. And capitalize on every crumb left on the way by the Oyonnaxiens. Penalties to be attempted by Christophe Loustalot then Jules Even. And then a try against Alexandre De Nardi, who came to punctuate a rise from his 22 meters on a strong moment… oyonnaxien. A peak climb, a ball pushed at the foot and a sprint further, the Mons back allows his team to lead 0-13 (27th). The locals decide to stick with the same strategy. And on a new penalty typed in touch, they come to offer themselves a victorious ball carried, validated by Benjamin Gélédan (32nd). At the break, “Oyo” trailed 5-13 on his lawn at Mathon.

Haut-bugiste reaction but Landes final

In the second act, we think we have found the Oyonnaxiens. Théo Millet is launched in an interval by Gabiriele Lovobalavu for a test which allows the locals to pick up immediately (42e). Since the High Buggers can rely on a dominant melee, they end up taking control of this game. With as often its strong men in banners. After the center Théo Millet, it is the pillar Thomas Laclayat who crosses the line in power (54e), coming to point his 9e personal test this season. As the Montois are determined not to let go and stick to the score with attempted penalties, the Haut-Bugistes in turn end up taking the points at the foot. Two successful attempts by Jules Soulan seem to give the locals a decisive advantage at the start of the home stretch (25-19, 65e). But on a final boost, the Landes three-quarters slalom in the heart of the high-bugiste defense and come to score by Yoann Laousse Azpiazu. Who transforms himself to place his team at the head of this clash (25-26, 77e). Mont-de-Marsan has just hit very hard and won on the lawn of Oyonnax.

A dolphin with long teeth

It’s a good reminder “Estimates the Oyonnaxian center Théo Millet at the microphone of our colleagues from Canal + Sport after the meeting. The Haut-Bugistes were faithful to their strategy and tried to asphyxiate their opponents. But they lacked – which is extremely rare – a bit of precision. Opposite, the Montois played their all out with courage. In particular, they came together around the idea that everyone saw them as losers at the Mathon stadium (and we can’t give them the wrong…). Especially with a revamped team, with 23 JIFFS (Players from French Training) and 13 who have passed through the training center. The Landais will have had the merit of turning their backs at the very start of the game, when the Oyonnaxian steamroller traditionally sets off. Then to seek victory at the end of the game when we thought she had swung to the Oyonnax side. As so often this season. In the standings, Oyonnax is of course firmly established in its leader’s chair with 68 points. And should very quickly resume its march forward. Oyo’s mattress is however less thick now, with 14 units ahead of Mont-de-Marsan, the long-toothed dolphin.

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