Fifth. The Prix de Bretagne at Vincennes this Sunday, November 20, 2022.

The Prix de Bretagne at Vincennes this Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Direction Vincennes this Sunday, November 20, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de Bretagne will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 120,000€.

In this event, fourth in this event last year, Violetto Jet (10) was more discreet this year. It had not been unworthy in the Prix de Beaugency at the beginning of September but it could not stand out in Italy last month. It has regained some freshness but it now seems barred by the youngest. Even if he cannot be ruled out for a small place, his luck is not obvious. After winning his objective of the year, the Critérium des 4 ans, in which he was barefoot for the first time, going forward Italiano Vero (15) was highly anticipated in last month’s UET final. He settled for fourth place after going all out. He faces the “old” for the first time. The challenge is attractive. It has the pure resources to contest the finish.

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Christoffer Eriksson: Rackham (1) is not too silver but he is a champion. We have the opportunity to race at this level. You should not deprive yourself of it. It is clearly on the rise compared to its first outing in France. We will come from behind. It’s much better that way. I entrust it to Alexandre Abrivard. It is important at this level, in Vincennes. He will enjoy the 2,700 meters. He can place himself.

Christian Bigeon: After disappointing in the Criterium, Hip Hop Haufor (2) completely reassured in the European Championship for 5-year-olds, providing an excellent finish. He could have won if he hadn’t tinkered around the last bend. He stayed on top and worked well this week. He has proven that he can compete with such opponents. I hope he will finish in the top three.

Jean-Luc Dersoir: Admittedly, Hokkaido Jiel (3) is only fourth, recently in La Rochelle, but he had to return twenty-five meters to good horses, like Galet Steed who has since confirmed. The time of 1’12”6 was excellent. Its form is therefore certain. This Prix de Bretagne is obviously higher and it has no margin at this level but, after a favorable race, a small place remains within its reach.

Thomas Chalon: Gala Téjy (4) held up very well in the Prix du Languedoc last week. Wednesday morning he was fine in training, supple and fresh. Also, a place was freed up to be at the start, we took our chance. I am happy and proud to run a “B”. It’s almost 100%. I plate it again from previous to eight days. It’s a test. I consider him capable of taking an allowance.

Charles Antoine Mary: I had potentially included the “B” in his program this winter without necessarily focusing his preparation on this Prix de Bretagne. In the Grand Prix de la Ville de Caen, Hatchet Man (5) could not give his full potential. He had a small lung problem. We did what was necessary and lost a little time, but he has been working well since. He may just miss a real race. We can aim for a small place. His last outing on October 14 was too bad to be exact. Florida Sport (6) suffered from joint pain. Since then, she has been swimming. We don’t take anyone’s place. Also, this race will serve as a springboard for the Prix Jean Boillereau, on December 8th. His claims will obviously be limited. His objective for the winter will be the Prix de l’Île-de-France.

Benoit Robin: After his victory in the Critérium des 5 ans, Hussard du Landret (7) was able to come to Mons where he finished very well as he started in the second row. He stayed on top and his last jobs are good. He faces serious clients like Galius, Hooker Berry, Ampia Mede Sm or Zarenne Fas. Of course, I would like to finish in the top three but I don’t want to do anything.

Frank Nivard: Ampia Mede Sm (8) was missing a run last time. She had set off at a gallop for her comeback and had therefore not had a real run for more than four months. She was not unworthy by going around Elie de Beaufour. It will present itself sharper in this Prix de Bretagne. She has a first chance. I dread Galius first and foremost.

Jean-Michel Baudouin: For his return to Vincennes in the Prix des Cévennes, Décoloration (9) took a very good third place. She was knocked down on the final bend before completing a straight line of great beauty. She is fabulous when she is in top form. The pace may be higher. It will help her. It’s very open. Ten horses can aim for the podium. We are part of it.

Vincent Martens: As Alcoy (11) was a little tired, he had a break. He is coming back well but is short and remains shod. He will need this race to be well. It will be more competitive in the Prix du Bourbonnais then will have a very good entry at Cagnes-sur-Mer on December 23.

Michael Charuel: Lately, in Argentan, it was impossible to return fifty, but Fakir du Lorault (12) provided a good end of race. Previously, in Caen, he had taken second place when he was already starting at the third post. Contrary to last year, when it was ready too early, it enters winter by arriving at the right time. Third place is coveted by many but he can grab it.

Ms. Séverine Raimond: Galius (13) is perfect at work, ready to make a good run, barefooted from the start. He may lack a little competition to provide his best value this comeback, but I I tell you again, it is very good. It would be nice to qualify straight away for the Prix d’Amérique. That way, we would be relieved for the rest of the meeting.

Jean-Michel Bazire: In the Prix des Cévennes recently, Zarenne Fas (14) shot too much. Nevertheless, he did not behave badly. I’m going to apply a proper mouthpiece to it this time. He worked very well. In the morning, it hints at some interesting abilities. He is handsome and ready to fight. It’s fun to try in this Prix de Bretagne. This will make it possible to establish the rest of his program. His performance in Nantes was mainly intended to change his mind and change his mind before tackling this winter meeting. Hooker Berry (16) rubs shoulders with seniors for the first time at Vincennes. We’re not going to change anything about him. You have to run it beaten, for a fifth place to hope for better. Physically, he is very well. With a rhythmic race, he must slip into the finish.

Thierry Duvaldestin: Ultimately, the opposition was much less strong. There, it will be much harder, with very sharp horses who are absolutely looking to qualify for the Prix d’Amérique, while there is no pressure for us, given his winnings. Flamme du Goutier (17) is a little less advantaged in its shoeing. It will be hard to be in the top four but it shouldn’t be forbidden to be fifth or sixth.

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