The Dani Alves clan comes out of silence and cries foul!

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Dani Alves is in a mess. On Friday, the Brazilian was arrested and taken into custody at the Mossos d’Esquadra des Corts police station as he is suspected of alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old young woman. In the process, he was presented to the Barcelona court which had to decide in order to know if the right side should be framed by certain rules pending the continuation of the investigation or if he should be released without precautionary measures. Eventually, he was sent to jail without the possibility of bail. So he spent his first days in prison.

From the first hours told by the Catalan media Sport, who indicated that the footballer was in shock and that he shared his dormitory with other inmates so as not to be alone. Then he had appointments with doctors and psychologists before having visits from his relatives. He was also supported by his wife Joana Sanz on social networks who published the message “Together” with a photo of his hand and that of his partner. A sizeable support especially as the player’s business does not work out.

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Dani Alves supported by his wife after his arrest

Three different versions given by Dani Alves

Indeed, several Iberian media explain that the Brazilian, whose contract was terminated by the Pumas, has given three different versions since he was heard by the investigators. He first maintained that he was in a nightclub on December 30 but for a very short time before denying the sexual assault of which the victim accuses him. He assured that he did not know her. Subsequently, Dani Alves would have indicated that he had seen her but that nothing had happened. Finally, he explained that it was she who threw herself on him. A version that is not at all that of the young woman.

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Accustomed to the place, she explained in an Iberian media that she found herself in these toilets without really realizing it. “I didn’t know what was behind that door, I thought there would be another VIP area. I resisted but he was much stronger than me., she confided, she who was raped according to her words. Alves allegedly stopped him from going out and dragged him into a small bathroom in the toilet.

There, would have forced her to say that she was “his little p…” before wanting to submit her to a sexual act. What she refused to do. He would therefore have beaten him and then raped him afterwards. Statements that go in the direction of the elements collected by the Mossos since the cameras clearly show that the player and the young woman of 23 years spent 15 minutes together in the toilets. She would have come out after the player being quite disoriented and would have warned one of the security guards.

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Relatives of the player step up

According to El Periodico, “the recordings and witnesses collected do not correspond to any of the versions given by the 39-year-old Brazilian footballer.” But the SER padlock explains that the player has asked to give new testimony before the judge. While waiting to be heard by justice again, his relatives have decided to come out of silence. His brother, Ney Alves, told Telecinco. His words are relayed by brand. “We are helpless in the face of this situation. I think the lawyer (Miraida Puente Wilson) is not doing her job well.” The player would therefore like to change lawyers, believing that he is not well enough defended.

Master Andrés Marhuenda Martínez could be appointed according to Telecinco. Another right-back brother, Junior Alves, also spoke afterwards. “I can not stand it anymore. The limits are crossed. It is forbidden to visit him. I don’t know what else to do. Get him out of this hell.” Finally, his ex-wife and agent, Dinora Santana also stepped up to the plate: “Dani would never, ever, ever do that. Never. I tell you that I have known him for 22 years, and I was married to him for 10 years. In the family, they are nervous and overwhelmed because they want to see him, but no one can access him so far. I know he’s sad, but he’s fine.” Dani Alves has not lost the support of his relatives, he who is embarked on a dark affair.

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