Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of May 20, 2022: Georges suspects Vanessa of being the serial killer! (DNA Episode 1190 Summary)

“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for DNA Friday, May 20, 2022 Episode 1190. In your daily series, Going through Mercier’s mail, Georges makes an important discovery. At the hospital, Samuel reverses the trend. The Morenos give in to Brunet’s blackmail.


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The summary of Tomorrow belongs to us from Thursday, May 19, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us: Summary of episode 1190 of Friday May 20, 2022

At the hospital, Victoire is unaware that Samuel is aware of her little trick and continues to try to make him jealous. She tells him at the last minute that Nicolas has asked her to stay tonight for his first shift. Samuel is understanding. Moreover, he finds him adorable “this little Nicolas”.

Victoire later crosses paths with Samuel flirting with Gina, a sexy patient who has become a close friend over time. Victoire struggles to hide her jealousy. Victoire cancels their midday lunch. Samuel had forgotten that they had to see each other and explains to Victoire that he already had something planned.

Victoire later has lunch at the Spoon with Soraya. She tells him what happened this morning at the hospital. She thinks Samuel sensed that she was trying to make him jealous and that he wants to return the favor. But Samuel has reserved a table at the Spoon for him and Gina. Victoire does not hide her jealousy when she sees them together. Samuel claims to his companion that his date with Gina is professional. Gina explains to the young woman that she has to choose between different models of breast prostheses. Victoire is taken aback and asks him if she is aware that Samuel is a gynecologist and not a cosmetic surgeon. Gina knows it perfectly and thinks that Samuel knows women very well.

Samuel later confides to William that Victoire walked flat out and that her patient, actress, played her role to perfection. But William thinks his friend is going too far and doesn’t see the point of this little game. Samuel explains to him that it’s all beneficial. The more Victoire is jealous, the more she is afraid that he will escape her and the more she loves him. Samuel then receives a patient, Floriane (Zoé Fiacre), pregnant and whose delivery is approaching.

In the end, Victoire proves to be more “machiavellian” than her companion and later offers Samuel to be a free couple. Samuel’s jealousy immediately resurfaces. Victoire confesses to him that she is not serious. Victoire’s Machiavellian little one drives Samuel crazy..


Les Moreno yield to blackmail

Victor Brunet blackmails the Morenos and with what he knows, he can ruin their lives. Charlie doesn’t want to move because of him. The young woman did some research, and Sylvain and Christelle could finally turn the blackmail against Brunet.

The Morenos bring Victor to their house and threaten Victor to report him to the police. With his criminal record, he would get 5 years in prison. But Victor does not disassemble. He knows that the Morenos have no proof against him, and he continues to exercise his blackmail. Admittedly, he, too, has no proof that Sylvain stole this ingot, but he knows that the smell of scandal alone is enough. Brunet demands half of their fortune and the villa. In exchange, they will never hear from them again. But the Morenos are attached to this house. Victor says he is ready to leave them in exchange for their entire fortune. Sylvain agrees to give him only the house. And after some negotiations, the Morenos and Brunets finally agree on a certain amount. The Morenos save part of their fortune.

However, the mood at dinner is gloomy. On the menu tonight, shells. Sylvain confides to Christelle and Charlie that this meal reminds him of their life before, a life he loved. He realized that there must be a goal in life. Sylvain plans to return to plumbing. Christelle is proud of her husband. Charlie, she has the appetite cut.

Is Vanessa the copycat?

Tristan attacked the prosecutor the day before, and justifies himself to Raphaëlle Perraud. He explains to him that the prosecutor pressed the only button that makes him spin, his brother. Tristan is certain that Sébastien Perraud did it on purpose. Knowing him, Raphaëlle recognizes that it is possible, but that does not change anything. She looked at Tristan’s file and it’s overwhelming. Tristan doesn’t know how digitalis and rose petals ended up in his car and in his jacket. He hypothesizes that someone is trying to trap him. Tristan swears to Raphaëlle that he is innocent. She believes him.

Martin, Georges and Karim take stock of the investigation. Tristan confirmed to them that Gaelle Richet had left him the day before his death. This new element does not plead in its favour. Everything accuses Tristan. Georges finds it hard to believe that he is the serial killer. He thinks it’s a little too big for it to be true. For his part, Martin thinks it’s completely stupid to keep digitalis in his car at this stage of the investigation, especially since the copycat he’s been looking for from the start is methodical and brilliant.

Martin thinks Tristan was set up. The only way to exonerate him would be to find the real copycat. Martin is convinced that like any self-respecting copycat, he was in contact at some point with his model, Loïc Mercier. This one did have a few fans, but none passed through the area. Martin thinks what they are looking for is in correspondence seized from Mercier’s home.

Raphaëlle and Sébastien disagree about Tristan. The lawyer points out to her father that his evidence against her client is based only on speculation. She thinks that her father does not agree to fail on a new Mercier file and that he therefore prefers to refer an innocent person to prison. Sébastien rebels and shows his daughter that everything points to his client. Raphaëlle is convinced that deep down, her father knows that she is right.

It’s been a week since Bart and Louise got married. And today, Bart is burying the woman of his life. He bids her farewell with a very moving speech. Bart then collapses in Anna’s arms. After the ceremony, Vanessa explains to Bart that she can find someone to replace him for a few weeks if he wants to take a breather, but Bart declines because he accepts, he knows he wouldn’t recover. He then tells the young woman that he is grateful for everything she has done for him since Louise left.

At the police station, Nordine goes through Mercier’s mail and draws up the list of his correspondents as well as the date of their letters. He has not yet found any name that stands out. Mercier received letters from women who wrote him a letter or two, but he stopped answering them quickly. He also received mail from misogynists and none of them would fit the profile of a copycat. But he still has two boxes left to peel. Georges decides to help Nordine. In the mail, Georges makes an important discovery. The letter from a certain Alice Reynie retains his intention. She called herself the little swallow. By looking up his name in the criminal history file, he makes the connection with Vanessa. George hides this information from his colleagues. Georges then turns to Victoire because she is the only person to whom he can tell that he suspects Vanessa of being the serial killer!

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